Here is the pricing of the matches. Currently we are organizing Indian female wrestling matches. Participants includes Indian housewives, air hostesses, doctors, models and students. If you want to buy any of our pre-sponsored bout, here is the price point.( Note: None of them are professional wrestlers, they are all inquisitive about wrestling)

One pre-sponsored bout -> 2000 INR (24.39 US dollars)

Two pre-sponsored bouts -> 3000 INR ( 36.58 US dollars)

Three pre-sponsored bouts -> 3500 INR ( 42.68 US dollars)

Four pre-sponsored bouts -> 4000 INR (48.78 US dollars)

Generally there are 7 rounds in a wrestling bout that we produce. The seven round includes finger lock challenge, finger lock with head to head push challenge, head to head push challenge ,chest to chest push challenge , bearhug challenge, arm wrestling challenge and elbow collar tie up .If you want to buy just one round ,pricing for you will be 500 INR( 6.5 USD dollars).

If you want to customize a match, it will cost you in the range of 15k INR – 35k INR(183 US dollars – 427 US dollars) depending on the outfit you choose for the wrestlers in the match .Matches in full dress will cost you 15k INR(183 dollars) while bikini matches will cost you 35k INR (427 US dollars)

In order to customize a match you can directly contact me in telegram( , send us a mail in or fill in the contact us form.

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