About Me

Hey this is Nicolas. I am a big fan of woman wrestling and I am pretty sure even you are one, which brings you to this site in the first place. Wrestling has been very popular as a sport since 13th century AD. Since the dawn of the sport ,men have dominated it and women wrestling was nothing but a taboo. Recently women wrestling has also been under the limelight owing to the accolades of some of the female wrestlers

I was researching on this topic of women wrestling when I found out that people today actually love it. Some of them might secretly love it but are too shy to accept it. Different individuals prefer different style of wrestling, some of them like the pro wrestling style(like WWE), some of them like the freestyle of wrestling while some of them like the Graeco-Roman style(although is hasn’t been introduced for women till date in the Olympics).

Talking about me, I was into sports from a very young age. It was in the annual sports day of our school when certain events took place that changed the course of my life completely .It was during that event when I witnessed four of our school teachers participating in a wrestling contest(test of strength to be specific).The reason was to make their respective houses win.

After that event, I felt that maybe I should see it more often because I started enjoying it. Even after browsing and repeated explorations I never got what I wanted. In some occasions, I wanted to organize a wrestling match between two women, but was too shy and afraid to approach them. I even tried few times but it made the situation very awkward. Either I was asked about my intentions or the listener would straight away blurt out a “no”. In some rare occasions the listener was curious and agreed even without any effort.

After getting constantly rejected, I finally organized a match in 2020(after I graduated and became a professional software engineer).The details of which will be mentioned in my first post. From then on I have organized matches in many places including the US, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh and most importantly India.

It was relatively easy organizing the matches in the West as compared to the East. But at the end of the day, I got what I wanted. I am sure, some of you are willing to witness that. Don’t worry I will help you witness the matches and make you a partner.

A friendly disclaimer : Don’t try this at home, school or anywhere because it might lead to irreplaceable damage to your reputation.

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