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Organizing an Indian women beach wrestling match

Organizing an Indian women beach wrestling match has always been a dream. Though I did that a few times previously, I always wanted to organize one in India. Luckily, I met one of our sponsors who wanted a beach wrestling match as well. We planned to visit the Suvali Beach in Gujarat and organise a match for the sponsor. After selecting the wrestlers, we started our journey on 15th December. We obtained the necessary permits and now it was time to organize the match.

 Simran, who was a vital member of our group was also alongside us. The plan was to organise a catfight in saree and salwar. The two participants who participated in the catfight were Bhavya and Sobha. After their 2 hour-long battle it was time for us to return to our hotel. As we were packing up, I saw a lady of approximately 27 years gazing at us.

The first match

We deliberately chose a place for the fight where there would be little or no people. The idea behind this was simple. Female wrestling in India still raises eyebrows. When we started the match, there was no one. However, after the match ended there was one lady who was looking at us. Apparently, what I believe is she was taking a sunbath on the beach. We were about to leave when the lady asked Simran,” Where is this shoot getting released? “Simran smiled and replied,” It’s not a shoot, it’s a match”. To be honest, if I were in Simran’s place, I wouldn’t have told the truth. I know and have suffered the consequences previously.

You never know what would the reaction be, if you say that you organize female wrestling matches, to an Indian lady. Even if the lady takes it sportingly and wants to participate in a match, I never organize a match between two women whom I don’t trust.

The lady asked,” OK, but why were the two women fighting ?”. Simran replied,” Because they have some personal problems and a sponsor wanted them to.” The lady further questioned,” What is a sponsor and who is it ?” This time Simran got a bit agitated and said,” Long story, can you talk to the man right here(pointing towards me)”.The lady said,” I just asked a question, the way you replied was really rude”. Simran replied,” Sorry if I  was rude, but I don’t usually ask so many questions to a stranger.”

The lady looked at me and said nothing. She said to Simran,” Learn some manners, being nice doesn’t cost you any money. Simran replied,” Who are you? So you will teach me manners? Why don’t you learn some decency? If I’m ignoring you then understand”. As matters were getting heated up, I intervened and said,” Hi dear young lady, by no way did she try to be offensive. We already had a long day. So we were tired”

The lady said,” But I was just curious. If this is the attitude of your team, you won’t go far. ”Simran angrily replied,” Ok so you are an astrologer now. Why don’t you keep your predictions to yourself ?”

Ok here is some information. Simran is a state-level judo player so she is extremely strong and one of my closest friends in India.

I did not want to indulge in any conversation with the lady. I calmed Simran down and said to the lady,” Here is the address of the hotel in which we are staying, if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime in the evening”. Simran was going to say more. I stopped her, we packed our kits and headed towards the hotel.

In the evening, I was sitting on the balcony of the hotel and enjoying my coffee. Simran was also with me and we were planning for the next match. It was almost 6 pm when I heard the doorbell ringing. I asked Simran to open the door, which she refused as usual. When I opened the door I was shocked. The lady whom we met on the beach was standing. I welcomed her inside. Simran came in and the look on her face said something like this,” I can’t believe she followed us here “.

Three of us sat together and now I tried to break the ice. ”So please tell me what do you want to know ?” pointing towards the lady. The lady said,” Just wanted to know what the shoot was about ?”Simran replied,” So ? Why do you care ?”The lady replied,” I am not talking with you, can you shut your mouth ?”

This time I got a bit agitated. At the end of the day, Simran is my friend. Someone was talking like that to my friend in front of me, so it pissed me off. I replied,” I guess I made a tremendous mistake by giving you the address of our hotel. We are not bound to answer your questions. What would you do by knowing what this shoot was and where is it getting published ?”

The lady calmly replied, ”I am Madhuri and I am trained in jiu-jitsu. I saw your shoot, the actresses were fighting like kids and had no ground game whatsoever. So I wanted to help you guys out. Anyways seems like unwanted help is not appreciated at all.

Now I got the plot. This lady was thinking that we were shooting for any media and we lacked action sense. Little did she know that the matches that we do are completely unscripted. The girls in our portal are not acting, rather they are trying to defeat their opponents by doing what they think is best. None of the women are professional wrestlers or grapplers.

I said, ”What would your reaction be if I said that the women were actually competing and not performing according to any script ?”She squeezed her eyebrows and said,” But why ?” I replied,” Because the winner gets more money and the loser gets less. She said,” So the girls were wrestling for money?” I replied,” Money is just one factor. Since you are a jiu-jitsu player why do you play that game? “

Madhuri nodded her head and said nothing. I offered her coffee which she politely refused. She asked,” How much money does the winner get?”. I replied, ”It depends, however most of the time the winner gets around 10k and the loser gets 5k”.There was a pause of about 10 seconds. Simran was still scowling at Madhuri.

Madhuri questioned,” Can I be a part of this too? ”. I could not believe my ears. Normally we have to toil hard to find one wrestler and there she was, wanting to wrestle. This was the second time something like this was happening. I tried to act normal and said,” Just for the money ?” She replied, ”Yes”.

Me: OK give me your number. As soon as I find an opponent for you, I will call you.

She: But can I choose an opponent for myself? I don’t want to fight with a weak girl.

Me: What kind of a girl do u want to fight with?

She: Someone strong. Do you have anyone in your portal who can challenge me or does everyone fight like kids?

Me: Can you come to Junagadh for a match?

She: No, don’t you have anyone nearby?

Me: So you want to wrestle on the sand?

She: I would love to.

We exchanged numbers and it was almost decided that the next time we visit Suvali Beach we would bring a girl for her to wrestle with.

Later that night while me and Simran were talking, Simran said,” That girl was really annoying, isn’t it ?”

I replied, ”Yes but as a fighter I guess she will be great”. Simran said,” I doubt that. A couple of times I was thinking of breaking her face.” Suddenly a thought crossed my mind. I said,” You think you can defeat her ?” She smirked and said,” You doubt that ?” I said, ”Ok I will sponsor the match”

I called Madhuri and asked her if she would wrestle with Simran. Without giving a second thought she agreed. The match was supposed to be on the next day.

Indian women beach wrestling
Simran vs Madhuri

We appeared on the beach. The two ladies decided to wrestle in sports bra. It was time for the second Indian women beach wrestling match. The match started and it became the best beach wrestling match that I have witnessed to date. The match lasted for 34 minutes covering every aspect of test of strength.

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