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Female wrestling matches in India – Some common misconceptions

It has been a few years since we are organizing female wrestling matches in India. Somewhere I knew that people love female wrestling, but not even in my wildest of thoughts did I think that the number could be this massive. It all started in 2019 when I organized my first female wrestling match in India. Since then, I have found out, that there are women in India who want to wrestle. What I thought would be too difficult to attain, was just a game. It’s very easy to organize female wrestling matches in India.

Sounds unrealistic right? No, don’t be too shocked. At least this is what some buyers think. For those of you who have a sane mind, I apologize. I cannot give you back the time that you have wasted by reading the last two sentences of the previous paragraph. But that’s exactly what some buyers believe. To be honest it’s not even their fault. In the countries to which they belong, maybe women are way more open and are explorers. When it comes to Indian women, matters are different. Although I cannot deny that, I have been lucky a few times, for most of the matches we had to toil hard.

Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions that people usually have about organizing female wrestling matches in India.

Female wrestling matches in India

Misconception 1: Indian women are aggressive

Since I have started living in India, I have been studying the history of this country. I read about Rani Lakshmi Bai who fought a battle against the British while keeping her son on her lap. I also read about Hamida Banu, who had openly declared that if a man can defeat her in wrestling, she will marry her. And then she died unmarried!!!

These incidents can indicate that Indian women are ferocious, but in reality, Indian women are one of the nicest women. Till date, I haven’t met with a single Indian woman who has been rude to me unless I messed something up. In the USA, I have seen women bullying men. I cannot even expect that in India.

Wrestling is a combat sport where the main aim is to defeat your opponent using certain techniques. Indian women are just too nice to even try such a sport. Although now, owing to the accolades of certain Indian female wrestlers like Geeta Phogat, and Sakshi Malik people know about the category of female wrestling. But I believe it would take some time for people to proudly say that a girl from their house is a wrestler.

However, I admit, that Indian women are aggressive only during the matches. They have to switch to that mode to get going. And that’s the most beautiful part. It is said that when a nice person loses his/her cool, even the devil shivers. That’s the main reason why Indian women’s wrestling matches are entertaining to watch.

Misconception 2: Indian female wrestling matches are hard to organize

I got a few matches done very easily. Today we have more than 50 wrestlers in our arsenal. When it comes to female wrestling in India, it is still seen as a taboo. Most of the wrestling arenas are male eccentric. So the chances of organising a  women wrestling in sports bras in the open are bleak.

Organizing any sporting event requires navigating through administrative procedures, obtaining permits, ensuring safety regulations, and addressing logistical issues. The safety regulations need to be top-notch to protect the privacy of the wrestlers. Even today women find it uncomfortable to wrestle in public.

It’s not just hard, it’s extremely hard to organize women’s wrestling matches in India.

Misconception 3: Female Wrestling in India lies in the grey zone

Female wrestling is a fantasy of many. However, it doesn’t lie in the grey zone. Had it been so, it wouldn’t be in the Olympics. Two women wrestling is a beautiful sight to watch. Previously, Spartan women used to wrestle with each other in front of men. The winner would be in demand as men wanted to marry the strongest lady.

If wrestling is just seen as an expression to show athleticism, there’s nothing wrong with it. Some individuals see that as a form to satisfy their sexual urges. Not complaining though, but their demands speak otherwise.

Wrestling has always been a method of identifying the stronger individuals in the community. If women want the strongest man for themselves, so do men.

Wrestling mainly focuses on the athletic abilities of an individual. ”Strong is sexy ”-I have always remembered this as a policy.

Misconception 4: Female wrestling matches can be organized with minimum cost in India

After arranging more than 70 matches, I can say with conviction that organizing Indian women’s wrestling matches is not a cakewalk. The major challenge lies in convincing women to participate in a match. If the women do not trust you they would never want to participate in it. It’s very important to relay the intentions to them. After many trials and errors, we could bring down the cost to 15k inr.

Please note: We try to bring in people who are not professional wrestlers. Most of the ladies in our group are housewives, doctors, engineers, air hostesses,  models etc. There is no fun in organizing matches with professionals. Professional wrestling is available on the internet for free. Our major focus is bringing in people who are enthusiastic about wrestling. We would rather bring in raw emotions rather than showing something scripted.

Female wrestling in India will boom in the upcoming years. One of the major challenges still is awareness. When I had recently been in one of the villages of India, I was shocked to see the built of the Indian ladies. Such robust ladies would cause havoc in the ring, but unfortunately or fortunately, they chose to be good mothers or good housewives rather than good wrestlers. I have also organized a match with two ladies from the village. The match will be available soon on the Clips for Sale section.

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