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Revealing my wrestling fantasies to my girlfriend, she didn’t know

She started packing her bags and said,” You are crazy, didn’t expect this from you, If you would have respected me, you would have never imagined something like that” I sat on the floor, cursing my luck, I shouldn’t have told her about my wrestling fantasies.

wrestling fantasies
Revealing my wrestling fantasies to my girlfriend

If I ask you about the worst possible mistake that you have committed in your life, what would your answer be? Well, let me tell mine,” Revealing my wrestling fantasies to my girlfriend(ex)”.If you have read the About Me section of this website, you would have found a disclaimer. I wish I remembered that in my case.

Back in the United States, I saw many women doing session wrestling, which means that the women used to wrestle with a man/woman when they were paid. I tried to arrange a couple of matches between women, but the charges were unaffordable by me. I had a girlfriend who knew about my fantasies and she was cool with it. We used to attend the WWE matches together. But I never got to see the kind of matches that I wanted to see.

Due to certain unavoidable circumstances, we had to part ways. But people in the US are generally very open about these things.US however has one disadvantage, the price of things. We were not allowed to fall sick, because if you do and visit the doctor, you will find a hole in your pocket before the month ends.

I completed my engineering and was doing a job. After two years, they send me to India. I had zero knowledge about this country. As soon as I entered India, I was surprised to see their hospitality. They are highly valued people who believe in “Atithi devo bhava”(Guest is God). If you are a foreigner, they will respect you like anything. Slowly it became my second home.

I was enjoying the attention and most importantly the price of things was too low as compared to the US. In the US where they charge 2000 dollars for rent, here they were charging me 100 dollars per month. I was living like a king in Gujarat( a place in India).

Indian girls are very beautiful. Within two months of settling in India, I got my first Indian girlfriend(with ease, without even breaking a sweat). Her name is Shalini and like me even she was a software engineer. We met each other in the office and after a couple of dinners and dates, we decided to enter into a relationship.

Things were going smoothly between us, I was very happy with her and I was sure she was happy with me too. I met with her family, and we were soon to tie knots. We decided to stay in live-in for a year and then we would get married.

One day, we were out for shopping. Shalini generally used to select the dresses for me. While we were selecting the dresses, I heard a noise coming out from the ladies’ section of the mall. Shalini was busy selecting the dresses for me, my eyes fell on the ladies section and I saw two busty women having a heated argument.

What I anticipated was they were arguing over a dress. Slowly I started walking towards them. When I went in, there were other men too who were watching that. After they saw me, one woman came in between and said to the ladies,” You should not fight in front of a foreigner because this will spoil the reputation of our country”.

The two ladies separated but I could sense the tension between them. How I wished I could look like an Indian. We completed our shopping, we were about to start our car when we saw a crowd nearby. Shalini came out of the car to check what was happening. I followed her. As soon as I went near the crowd, I saw the two women catching each other by their hair and slapping each other. Some women were trying to stop their fight, while some men were holding their cameras and recording. Some were blowing whistles while some were silent spectators.

Honestly, I was not interested as it was a catfight. Shalini was also watching the fight. I indicated to her that I am returning to the car. As soon as I came inside the car, Shalini followed me too.

Shalini: This must be very common in America(indicating the catfight)

Me: Not really, I have just seen 2-3 of them in the United States

Shalini: I never knew you are such a gentleman. Look at the hooligans standing there, instead of stopping the fight, they are recording

I smiled and said,” I am not interested in a catfight, actually I love women wrestling

Shalini : So what’s the difference?

Me: There is a lot of difference, a catfight intends to injure the opponent, the intention of wrestling is to technically and physically defeat your opponent.

Shalini: Have you ever seen two women wrestling?

Me: Oh yes !! I even plan to organize one

Shalini: What do you mean?

I would like to bring two women and ask them to wrestle. If the two Gujarati women would be wrestling in place of catfighting, I would ask them to wrestle for me

Shalini: And what will you get by seeing two women wrestling?

Me: A tingling experience in my body. A driving force that pushes me to work. The very thought of two women testing their strength turns me on

Shalini : You like to see any women wrestling?

Me: Not really women who are busty

Shalini: Did you imagine me ?

Me: Honestly yes, you vs our neighbor’s wife would be a great match

Shalini: You are just a jerk !

Me : Huh!

Shalini : This is sick, I thought you are a gentleman

Me: That I am, but what’s wrong with imagination?

Shalini : That’s a sign of a pervert

Me : Are you kidding me, how is a fantasy offensive ?

Shalini said nothing.

I could sense that something bad is going to happen soon. I know it’s impossible to argue with a woman, but her silence is even more dangerous.

We reached our house. I tried to pacify her. However she was completely rigid and said,” That means you look at our neighbor’s wife like the way you look at me”. I disagreed but she would not believe me.

Shalini: That means you have also fantasized about your mom wrestling

Me: Firstly I didn’t, but even if I would imagine my mom testing her strength with another woman, that’s not offensive

Shalini: Oh! That’s not offensive. If I imagine you and our neighbor wrestling, would you like it ?

Me: I don’t find that offensive, people have fantasies and that’s normal

Shalini: Well I don’t think you respect me, if you want to see me wrestle. Forget me, you don’t even respect your mom and sister

Me: I thought I can share my thoughts with you. Anyways I apologize, my bad. I would try to control my imagination.

Shalini: That’s not required. Your core is rotten.

She slammed the door of our drawing room. Shalini started packing her bags and said, ”You are crazy, didn’t expect this from you, If you would have respected me, you would have never imagined something like that” I sat on the floor, cursing my luck, I shouldn’t have told her about my wrestling fantasies.

She booked a cab, took her bags and returned to her house. All I could do was to blame myself. I thought this was normal in India, but my thoughts were completely wrong. I promised myself that from now on, I would never reveal my intentions to anyone because I understood the consequences. If she was with me today, I would have changed. But I found her reactions to be extreme.

Recently one of our sponsors was asking me, what the extreme case scenario is if we reveal our wrestling fantasies to our partners. This is the consequence, I lost the love of my life.(P.S : Not wise to reveal wrestling fantasies to anyone)

If you want to sponsor a wrestling bout without losing any relations and fullfill your women wrestling fantasies, contact me either through the contact us page or  contact me directly via telegram


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