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Three ultimate reasons why men like women wrestling

Well, if you are reading this article, I am sure you are a fan of women wrestling too. There might be many reasons why men love women wrestling. Since this article is meant to be read by each and every member of our society, I will name only a few of them. I have always said, there might be a lot of people who secretly love seeing women wrestling, but there are only a few who will accept this.

Our society is tuned in a way where everyone wants to be sane. If they have any fantasies which are a bit different from what the normal world perceives, they think it’s their mistake. They keep on suppressing things within themselves and end up getting lonely and under-confident. My question is, what is the ultimate goal or the result of any fantasy? If both the results are synonymous, there is no harm in having any kind of fantasies, unless you are a creep.

If you have read the about me section of this website, I have mentioned that I never realized my fantasies until I saw a wrestling match(test of strength) match between my school teachers. Do I respect my school teachers? Absolutely. Did I enjoy their wrestling match? Hell yeah. Is it a disrespect to the teachers, if I imagine them wrestling? Absolutely not. Will it be disrespectful if I approach them and ask them to wrestle? Don’t know about disrespect, but it will be awkward.

Women tend to wrestle either for money(most commonly) or to quench their competitive spirit. If it’s not either of them, they would never wrestle in front of anyone who they are not comfortable with. I think that even if they know that, their wrestling matches would sell more tickets and raise more eyebrows. I had a good friend of mine(a girl) who used to drool over Triple H and Goldberg( WWE legends). Fortunaltely men’s wrestling matches are so common that it is easier for people who like men’s wrestling to satisfy their fantasies. Its relatively hard to find women who want to wrestle, if you are living in Asia.

Throughout the years after the lockdown, I got some opportunities to meet with like-minded people. Although we have the same fantasies but the reasons why they like female wrestling is diverse. As far as I could observe, these are the major reasons why men love women wrestling:

1)Men like women who are physically strong

I had a friend Mike back in the US. After getting a job, I came here to India but my friend still lives there. When we were bachelors(he is married now), we used to discuss frequently the kind of wives we would want to have. Although he doesn’t know that I like female wrestling, I have always seen men having an affinity towards bulky women. Mike married his college friend, Martha. She was trained in judo. Martha was a college-level judo player in the heavyweight category. Mike and I used to visit her championship bouts. He used to cheer Martha while I used to enjoy the holds and clutches in the matches. I am not saying the lean women did not attract crowds but the crowd that gathered to witness the heavyweight female bouts were insane.

One day, I asked Mike how he fell in love with Martha. Although he did not specifically say what I wanted to hear, he clearly said” A small woman would not be able to handle me”. Mike is about 6’1, so he needs someone bulky like Martha, who is 5’10” and 75 kg. Needless to say, a small woman who would be physically weak would not be able to handle him.

Does that mean small guys like weak women? Absolutely not. I had another friend, Nate. He was about 5’6” and his girlfriend was 5’8”. When I asked the same question to him ,he replied,” I like to be dominated by a stronger girl”.

Difference in mentality of females

Back in the US, girls wanted to be strong. Although girls will be in demand forever, the stronger ones will always have more advantages. From a typical Spartan point of view, strong women will give birth to healthy and stronger offspring.

In America, women were extremely expressive and hence arranging a match was easy. Further they would want to exercise their power and test who the better women would be.

In India, if you have taken birth as a girl, automatically your demand increases. The society is crafted in a way that focuses primarily on the protection of a woman. The girls know very well that even if they don’t hit the gym, they would still be in demand, owing to the higher male-to-female ratio. If you go and just ask,” Hey do want to wrestle with a girl? They will be highly confused which will eventually lead up to a very awkward situation. In the USA, you approach a girl and say the same and most of the time you will succeed. Some even wanted to start it off at the bar right away.

2)Men gets a tingling experience in their body when they see two females wrestling

When I witnessed the wrestling match of my teachers, I felt something that I never witnessed. Two bulky women applying their full strength to push each other is a treat to watch. Back in the day, I didn’t know what it was, but now the understand the reason why I felt something.

Although I cannot vouch for the fact that every man feels the same, it is quite evident that a man(if given a choice) would always choose a strong woman for herself. Looking back at the ancient civilizations, the Spartan women used to engage themselves in a variety of physical sports including wrestling. They used to wrestle in front of the crowd to prove who is stronger than the rest. There have been tales where the winner of the men’s wrestling match and the winner of the female wrestling match married each other. If men didn’t like it, instances like this would never happen.

3) Alphas draw people towards them

Do women love alpha males? Absolutely. Do men like alpha females? Obviously. People always respect alphas irrespective of gender. When two women wrestle to see who the better woman is, everyone likes the winner. Males like powerful females too. When a woman wins the contest, not only does her self-confidence increase but also her appeal.

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