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How he made his wife wrestle

This story is written by one of my Indian friends, Sid. If you are a female combat fan , you can directly contact him through his email address ( sidexim123@gmail.com )

The alarm clock went off at 10 A.M. I woke up lazily, stretching on the bed to get the juices flowing. It had been tiring last night as my girlfriend Girija had made love for 3 hours before calling it a night. When I woke up ,Girija was not in our bed. She is extremely strict about her morning routines. She generally wakes up at around 6 AM, goes to the gym and comes back by the time I wake up.

While I was freshening up I heard a knock on the bathroom door. Girija said “I have made breakfast love, have it as soon as you come out. We need to finish the packing we started yesterday. We have to catch a flight this evening for my cousin’s marriage, I hope you remember.”

“Yes, I do remember Girija stop taunting me like you always do” I replied from the inside. Girija chuckled and replied, “Someone told me he found this officious attitude sexy on me”. “It is my love, just give me 10 minutes to wash up and I’ll be there.”

After coming out of the bathroom and dressing up I had my breakfast that I had started to find boring. Girija had insisted that we give our bodies time to get used to the change in diets we have made so that the results are visible . So I didn’t crib about not having tastier breakfasts to Girija. She had planned the 4 meals for us along with portion size. She has been into fitness for the past 4 years and has a build to vouch for it.

I admired Girija for the way she maintained herself and the people around her. She is 27 and we are soon to tie knots within a couple of years.

Once I completed my breakfast we started packing stuffs. Girija was concerned about missing out on gym. She started keeping a resistance band and skipping rope into the luggage right beside her gym apparel . I told her “Take a break from workouts just have fun at the wedding and do whatever you want” . Girija gave me a sardonic smile and said “I am not like you when it comes to working out . You enjoy having sweets just like I want to pull and stretch . This keeps me in the right frame of mind. It’s like nourishment for my soul”. I just shushed her and we carried on with the packing.

It was around 4 P.M. when we left for the airport…. Girija’s cousin was having a destination wedding in a resort in Rishikesh. We needed to land at Dehradun and take a cab to the resort where the functions were about to begin. We boarded the flight without any fuss and landed on time. By 9.30 pm , we reached the venue and greeted all the relatives who were very happy to see Girija. She reciprocated most finely and introduced me to every one of the relatives we met. Girija, finally getting bored of her relatives, asked about Anubha’s whereabouts. She found out that Anubha was in her room washing up after her Haldi ceremony (a traditional Indian ceremony)

Girija felt guilty about not being there with Anubha during the Haldi ceremony . Her work didn’t allow her to leave any earlier . She was completely stretched due to the launch of a new application developed by her team. She was working in a banking company.  

We walked towards Anubha’s room and knocked on the door. A guy opened the door for us holding a mug of beer in the other hand. “Is this Anubha’ room?” I enquired. The guy replied “Yes it is, she is washing up and my wife is helping her with that. Who are you btw?”

“He is a friend of mine,” said Girija . She added “I am Anubha’s cousin, we are here to attend the wedding .We just wanted to meet her, could you please tell her that we are here?” . “Yes, of course why don’t you come in?” said the guy who introduced himself as Karanjeet.

Anubha had just cleaned up and came into the living area when she saw Girija and rushed to hug her. “Hey, you missed my Haldi. Hope you had a ‘not so tiring’ flight we have a lot of talking to do. I see you’ve met Karanjeet already, this is her wife, Aditi. We happen to be really good friends, who do you have with you?”

I introduced myself to all of them and we told them that we were in a live-in relationship which got everyone talking. Karanjeet and Aditi had also been in a live-in relationship before getting married 6 months ago.

It was around 1 A.M. We wanted to talk some more with Anubha . We called her up and she said ,”come to my room’s balcony . Let’s chill and have a beer over there.”

I and Girija entered her room to find Karanjeet and Aditi there again. They had just started drinking and were happy to see us. We all got our beer mugs, even Girija, and started to chat “How did you get to know each other” asked Girija to Karanjeet. “It was Aditi who introduced me to Anubha, Aditi and Anubha happen to be gym buddies.” Girija was delighted to hear that Anubha has been hitting the gym . “I can tell from the progress you’ve made that you were up to something nice . How long since you started Anubha?” , asked Girija. “Oh, it’s been 8 months. Initially I was clueless about making things happen for my body but Aditi here really helped me with figuring everything out.”

“You must be maintaining a healthy lifestyle for a long time I believe” said Girija looking at Aditi . “I see you have guided her well”. “Oh yes I’ve been working out for the past 5 years now and it’s been quite a journey. I have been able to change myself completely, I don’t even recognize the Aditi of the past.” They both shared a laugh . Aditi asked “You look like you pump-weights too, how long has it been for you?” . Girija and Aditi struck a nice personal chord because of their fitness routines . Me and Karanjeet started talking about places to visit nearby ,as me and Girija wanted to spend some time off the work. Karanjeet talked about Jim Corbett National Park. We could rent a cottage over there go for safaris and have a good time.

I pitched the idea to Girija, then and there and she thought it was great. “Count us in too” added Aditi as she and Karanjeet shared a smile . Karanjeet here is bored of me and my rants about fitness. Now that you are going to come with us, me and Girija can workout while you two go out for safaris”. “Yeah that’s a great idea Aditi” , replied Girija. We took each other’s leave after this discussion and went back to our rooms.

“Aditi has a great body,” said Girija while changing up. “Yeah, you liked it?”, I asked .“Oh yes, we have decided to work together tomorrow in the morning. There’s an open garden area where we are going to do it. “Well good for me, I won’t have to listen to your taunts in the morning” Girija flicked me on the earlobe from behind . We shared a kiss and lay down on the bed. It had been a long day and we slept as soon as we hit the bed.

I woke up the next day at 8 AM as we had to be ready for the ceremonies starting at 11 AM . Girija was not in her room and her gym apparel was not there , so I understood that she must be working out. I freshened up and went out to have breakfast when I saw Girija and Aditi sharing a laugh by the ’Pandal’ where breakfast was being served;

They were still in their gym apparel, “Hey, I beat you to the bathroom today, I said. Who’s getting late now huh?”. I asked and Aditi replied ,“You haven’t started your day with a workout like we did. You are already at a loss” Girija and Aditi sniggered at me , “I hope you had a wonderful time breaking your bodies so that you feel good about yourself. “I never got the hang of it”, Girija laughed and patted Aditi while saying , “Yeah, it was great working out with her, she has the experience. I could tell from her form while working out” . “You too, Girija …..I’ve always wanted a gym buddy like you. Someone who is so keen on working out that they will do it even when they are in a marriage ceremony.” Both of them laughed again.

I told them to get ready for the ceremonies and they agreed and left to freshen up and get ready. I and Girija spent the entire noon and evening enjoying the ceremonies and the food . Late into the night as the last of the ceremonies came to a halt and Anubha’s swansong was completed ,we all (me, Girija, Aditi and Karanjeet) went back to our room and started with rounds of beer.

Karanjeet and I were talking about our work, and that’s when I came to know that Aditi was working as a brand manager for an FMCG company and had been quite busy like Girija, she needs time off too . I said “Totally, she has not been herself apart from the workouts” he said. “Maybe that is why these two liked each other’s company, they are both damsels in distress” and I shared a laugh. I asked Girija, I don’t know why but I did  “Do you feel motivated or envious of fit girls like Aditi?”. Girija and Aditi looked at each other and smiled , “It motivates us to be better because envy has no value unless it transmutes into something constructive”.

“So you do feel envious of each other?”, Karanjeet goaded “Yes, of course, but that is because after a point one stops getting feedback from the body about the progress they have been making in regards to fitness. So an external comparison point is required, to make one realize where they are lacking and need improvement.” “Very well put Aditi,” said Girija and they high-fived.

“How do you figure out the areas of improvement?” I asked, . “By observing each other hit various muscle groups during a workout,” said Girija “Don’t you think that there are degrees of weakness? Say you both have strong deltoids . You could determine from the form but how to find out whose shoulders are stronger, subjecting it to different kinds of pressure could reveal the problem areas, pressures not necessarily provided by gym equipment.” I said.

Aditi and Girija looked at each other and said that I had a fair point. “We should figure out how strong different muscle groups in our body are” , said Aditi. “But how can we find out about this if there is no equipment for it?” , asked Girija. “You two could test each other’s strength,” I said. Karanjeet added “there are several tests of strength that engage several muscle groups in one’s body. You can try that and some holds on each other to figure out weaker parts in your body.”

Aditi and Girija were now curious. I showed them videos of two women in different types of tests of strength they started watching and found them interesting. I asked both of them about what they thought was their strongest muscle groups, “We both had extremely good form while using resistance bands to do back and chest exercises” replied Girija. “Well, then we have a comparison point there” added Aditi, “I believe you should go for finger lock and elbow-collar tie-up tests for the back.” “What about the chest,” asked Girija “You should go for a bearhug and chest-to-chest challenge for chest” suggested Karanjeet.  “Yes, totally” I chimed in excitedly.

“Let’s go to Jim Corbett and try this out, what do you say, Aditi,” asked Girija. “You are on girl” replied Aditi as they shared a smile and clinked their beer mugs together. “To a new perspective on fitness,” I said and clinked my mug with Karanjeet “To new perspectives” he replied smiling heartily.

The following day we left for Jim Corbett around 10 A.M. after bidding goodbye to Anubha’s parents and relatives. It was a 3-and-a-half hour journey till we reached our cottage in the middle of the woods…..we went for a safari during the afternoon and saw some tigers while doing so….it refreshed all of us, the greenery and the sound of nature. We returned to our cottage at 6 P.M. and ordered dinner which arrived by 7:30 P.M.

I was curious as to why Girija and Aditi were having Caesar salad for dinner when Girija blurted out “Need to eat light before the bout I guess Aditi?” . “Yes, can’t be loading up on something heavy right now, can’t risk an upset stomach tomorrow morning” said Aditi smiling at Girija. “I am excited about tomorrow’s bout as much as you are . This would be the first time I get to test my strength against another woman,” said Girija . “Me too, I haven’t done this before and doing it against an equally matched opponent just makes it more exciting!!” said Aditi. And I knew these two were getting competitive with each other and were excited to see what would happen tomorrow.

“When do you plan on starting?” asked Karanjeet. “Tomorrow at 8 A.M.” ,replied Aditi . “I suggest you should have 1 round for each kind of test of strength,” I said wiping my face with tissue. “Why?” asked Aditi “Since it is your first time you may lose your cool while doing this because these are intense affairs, secondly you two are already feeling the exertion of work then marriage. That’s why I think you should take it easy and I repeat don’t get carried away with the heat of the bout, maintain your composure,” I said . “We will see about that” replied Girija. Aditi  said “We haven’t done this so we will get to know what you are talking about tomorrow only but I am sure the stronger woman will prevail.” “Oh, I am sure.” , replied Karanjeet.

We went to our separate rooms to sleep after that and I had a word with Girija about tomorrow’s bout . I was concerned about her temperament and she said not to worry. This will help with her temperament issues. She needs to hang around with girls who can handle her and Aditi seemed cut-out for it.

The next morning we woke up at 7 A.M. and Girija started to stretch her entire body, preparing herself for the bout. She was wearing a green sports bra and burgundy leggings. It suited her whitish complexion and 5’4” and 53.5 kg frame. We went out to the living area and Girija started to create a big circle using a rope at the centre of the sufficiently big living room.

We were just making arrangements when Aditi and Karanjeet came out too. Karanjeet looked excited and Aditi looked eager too. She was wearing a red and black sports bra with black leggings and looking fab in it. Her build was similar to Girija at 5’4”. She weighed around 55 kg before she came here to attend the wedding.

“The arena is set , I see” , said Aditi . “Yes, let’s get on with this.” I volunteered to be the moderator of this bout in case things went south . Both women sniggered and reassured me that nothing of that sort would happen. I dished out the rules of the bout with both the women at the center of the circle on the carpet. Both of them were staring at each other ,looking for signs of weakness as I went on . “The 4 tests of strength will have one round each and the only goal of test of strength is to push your opponent off the circle. This means no slapping, punching or eye-gouging is it clear girls? ”. “Got it” replied Girija still not breaking her stare “Fine by me” replied Aditi.

“You may shake hands and begin when I say go, OK?” Both women slapped their palms and did not shake hands. That got to me and Karanjeet too . “We shall begin with the fingerlock first, go girls” . It began with both women crouching slightly, sizing each other up and looking to get into a better position to exert pressure before clasping hands together.

Girija took her right foot forward and Aditi reciprocated with the same move as the sound of their strong arms clasping together filled the living area of the cottage. Both had planted their front foot solidly onto the carpet and were exerting pressure with their full might. Girija grunted as she tried to apply more pressure and forced Aditi a step or two back. Aditi started thrashing their clasped arms and pushed hard at Girija to get them back to the center position. 

Girija snapped her hands away as both the women broke the finger-lock to start strongly, “Snappy already Girija?” asked Aditi. “That’s all you will get to see until the bout is over” replied Girija and entered into another finger-lock . This time both women spread their legs apart a bit more to be able to apply greater force.

Aditi grunted and pushed Girija back two steps and locked her fingers very hard to not allow Girija to snap,. Girija pushed her back a step by assuming a position that engaged her hips . Aditi now grunted again and mirrored Girija’s position. Both women seemed to be feeling the heat as they were sweaty already . I believe they were feeling the burning sensation one gets when they work their forearms and triceps. Girija was still on the backfoot as Aditi gritted her teeth and just managed to push Girija out of the rope with a loud grunt in the end.

Girija seemed mildly astonished at the explosive strength of Aditi. Aditi smiled at Karanjeet flexing her biceps . Karanjeet laughed and cheered saying , “Just two more and you can do that as many times as you want in front of Girija” . Both of them chortled Girija came back to the center for the bearhug challenge without wasting any time.

Aditi returned to the center of the mat, that smile vanishing from her face as she got into the game mode again. The second test began with both the women going for each other with all their might and there was a flapping sound of sweaty bodies coming together. Girija got the better grip underneath Aditi’s arms and started applying pressure on her rib-cage and serratus anterior. Aditi retaliated by applying pressure back and both the women entwined their legs to throw the other off position.

Girija grunted and gnashed her teeth as she applied more and more pressure . Aditi pushed her back by a step . Girija swept Aditi’s left foot using her right and lifted her slightly off the carpet using her strength. “Let’s go for a ride” she said and took Aditi towards the edge of the circle. Aditi kept applying pressure but due to her weaker grip she didn’t get the kind of purchase Girija did. She fidgeted and managed to land back on her feet. But Girija thumped Aditi as if trying to bear and forced her off the circle. Aditi almost lost her footing and Girija flexed her biceps saying “Who’s flexing now hon?”

“Guys take it easy, calm and composed, remember” I said, neither of them replied. Aditi came back to the center of the circle stretching her obliques and shoulders that were hurting after the bearhug challenge. Girija came to the center stretching and breathing properly to control herself and calm down. Both women stared into each other . I allowed a few seconds to pass to alleviate the tension that was building inside the room.

“Alright, the next test is chest to chest . Neither of you should use your hands so take your hands behind your hips” . The two girls changed their position according to instruction without uttering a word. ”Start” ,I said and both the women came nose to nose and started pushing at each other’s chest with all the strength they could muster from their back and chest muscles. Both were grunting every time their chests came together and then restoring themselves and having a go again.

After 7 thumps both women looked slightly fatigued and Girija was slightly closer to the edge of the circle. Aditi charged with her breasts but Girija feigned the attack as soon as her startled opponent faced her. She thumped her chest into her with all her might and pushed Aditi out of the ropes in 3 thumps in quick succession that Aditi could not avoid. Girija stood in front of Aditi while broadening her chest and keeping her hands on her hips. Aditi looked disappointed and complained to me about Girija feigning an attack . Girija replied , “It was never mentioned that you cannot avoid an attack” . “That is what a spineless competitor like you would do” , Aditi snapped back as both the women confronted each other outside the circle.

I and Karanjeet took our girls away and tried composing them and asking them to focus on the bout only. “She can’t win this challenge now it can only be a draw or you win” , I told Girija . “That is why she is disappointed” said Girija loudly . “I am disappointed that I am fighting a cheat out here” , said Aditi. “Oh shut up and stop being a sore loser” , said Girija . “I haven’t lost yet, watch your words there” ,snapped back Aditi.

“Fine then let’s get on with the last round”, said Girija as she entered the circle and made her way to the center Aditi followed listening to Karanjeet words and nodding. The final round was an elbow-collar tie-up round. Both women were now facing each other and waiting for the bout to resume. “Fight” , I said and both of them started circling each other in a crouched position and locked up themselves in the required position. Aditi seemed pumped and started pushing with all her might . “You won’t be able to avoid the attack now as we are locked”, said Aditi . “I don’t have to”, said Girija who had been pushed towards the edge of the circle, but applied force to get Aditi back to the center.

Aditi pushed Girija away as both the women gathered themselves while panting and circling each other . “That’s all you got” , said Girija . Aditi remained silent and gestured to her to come at her and show her what she’s got. Girija charged and locked again with Aditi , “Oh yes, I’ll show you what I have for you” said Aditi and snapped Girija’s back hard after getting both her palms on Girija’s nape. Girija went off balance and was two steps away from the edge of the circle. Aditi charged at this opportunity as a shocked Girija turned to Aditi so that she could not push her out.

Girija and Aditi both were grunting and gnashing their teeth as Girija struggled to get back to the center and Aditi tried to push her out. Aditi locked the rear part of the right shoulder beneath Girija’s left armpit and wrapped her right palm over Girija’s left shoulder. Her left hand was holding Girija’s right shoulder down leaving finger marks on it, Aditi pushed with all her might. Girija stumbled backwards slapping Aditi’s back with her right hand in exasperation and went off the circle after holding on for 4-5 seconds which seemed like an eternity to me and Karanjeet.

Aditi smiled triumphantly and said, “Got a taste of your own medicine?”. “You still managed only a draw,” replied Girija. “You wanna come at me again then bring it on girl, you wanna trade blows then let’s do a mercy challenge. I see you are in the mood”. Aditi confronted Girija and Girija reciprocated. I came between them and calmed them down saying that it was enough for today and that both of you are winners today.

“That means no one is stronger” , they both replied, . “But you know your weaker areas now” , said Karanjeet and added, “ Aditi won both rounds largely involving back muscles while Girija won the two tests involving chests and core” . You both know where to focus on your body before having a go at each other again.”

“If we go any further it won’t be fair on you both. Let’s plan to meet up again after a few months. This will give you both some time to work on the weaker parts of your body. ” Girija and Aditi locked eyes and shook hands properly like two pro wrestlers after about.

All 4 of us had dinner together that night with some drinks and asked Aditi and Girija about their experience . Girija said “Just after the bout she felt that she and Aditi should test each other again but once she hit the cold shower she came to realize how stiff her back was.” Aditi and Karanjeet chortled at this and Aditi replied “Well what about those stronger breasts of yours did they hurt? Mine surely did” Aditi laughed and sipped on her drink.

“Yeah I don’t think I will allow Sid to get anywhere near them for a couple of days ”, Girija said laughing heartily . “I don’t think Karanjeet will make a move on me either, he saw how I was massaging them in the shower today.” Aditi laughed noisily and raised her glass to Girija…..” More mental and physical strength through pain girl” she said. “To more strength and fun times” said Girija and clinked their glasses together and sipped their drink.

“Come over, let’s get a picture” , I said and all 4 of us took a selfie together. It was good to see that Aditi and Girija took this sportingly . They hugged it out like friends before calling it a night.

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