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Indian women wrestling matches are the best matches ever

Before starting this blog, I visited several websites which promoted female wrestling. Some sites highlighted a particular female wrestler(in maximum cases, a pro-female wrestler) while in some other sites, the focus was mainly on the matchups between varying wrestlers. Though all the sites are doing well, somewhere down the line, I was unable to find the perfect female wrestling match. The sites had trained wrestlers who were doing things professionally. Although there are a lot of people who like stuff like that, there is also a segment of audience who likes general women wrestling. They like to see wrestling of females who are not professionally trained. When I was unable to find anything like that on the internet, I took the initiative and started organizing Indian women wrestling matches.

Now you must be thinking, why do I always favor Indian women wrestling matches? Well, the answer is very simple. It’s simply the best. The internet is filled with American and Italian women wrestling. The availability is so much that it has become cliched. If you are an organizer, you know that if you need to arrange a female wrestling match in America or Europe, all you need to do is marketing. Females would come up to you and organizing a match would be a cakewalk. In India, even for getting a minimum degree of success, you must break a lot of sweat.

Now it’s a different thing that it’s totally worth it. If you compare the bouts, Indian women wrestling matches last between 15-30 minutes while American or European women wrestling matches last up to 10-15 minutes. American women are better at catfights and submission while Indian women are the best when it comes to test of strength, grappling and mercy contests.

Once I organized a wrestling match between an American woman and an Indian woman. Everyone in my crew thought the American lady would make the Indian lady cry. The American lady appeared bitchier  and cockier. However, when the match started it took 5 minutes for the Indian lady to defeat the American lady. Here were the stats:

American lady: Height – 5’8, Weight – 68 kgs, Age – 28

Indian lady: Height – 5’7, Weight – 69 kgs, Age – 28

And here is the match result(the contest was best of five)

Finger lock test of strength: 5-0(Indian lady won)

Head-to-head push : 5-0(Indian lady won)

Chest to chest push: 4-1(Indian lady won)

Bearhug mercy challenge: 5-0(Indian lady won)

Arm wrestling challenge : 3-2(Indian lady won)

The Indian lady completely dominated the American lady. The American lady got so pissed off that she wanted to go all out on the Indian lady. She even requested to add another round of freestyle catfighting. Since we do not promote catfights, we could not allow that, but I believe that the American lady would have won the catfighting round( or we could be shocked too , no one imagined that the Indian lady would defeat the American lady in test of strength).

Looking at the one-sided battle, we decided to stick to Indian women wrestling. Initially, I thought that no one would want to see Indian women wrestling matches, but the fallacy broke just one week after opening this blog. There are a lot of people who like this form of wrestling, just like me. There were a few individuals who were a bit dicey about buying such fights, but once they bought it, they became regular customers. Today we have organized more than 50 matches since I opened this blog(it’s been just two months).

Indian women appear extremely nice, if you look at them, even you will be like,” They can’t be aggressive”. Keep this mentality and see them inside the wrestling circle, I bet you will be shocked.  Indian women wrestling matches tend to be extremely competitive. So much so that, to date we never experienced a one-sided or boring match. I believe that if you are a true fan of women Test of Strength, it will be hard for you to not like it.

Indian women wrestling matches

What I like about Indian women is they are not pretentious alphas. They neither thrash talk nor do they disrespect their opponents. They are extremely respectful outside the wrestling arena, but when they are in for the match, they leave no stone unturned to defeat their opponents. In America, thrash talk starts from the moment the wrestlers get to know that they will be wrestling each other. Many individuals might like it, but I believe that thrash talking takes a lot of your energy. That’s one of the main reasons why American wrestling matches last no more than 10 minutes. And very often the wrestler who talks thrash more ends up getting more beaten up.

Although now, we have some  Indian women wrestlers too who believe in this thrash-talking strategy but the count of them is too low. We have a wrestler under me who was more of a thrash talker. She dared to challenge one of our finest bets and ended up being humble. The wrestlers that are under me neither go to the gym nor are they, professionals. The majority of them are housewives. Some of them are doctors, air-hostesses while some of them are models and students. The battle between the housewives tends to be extremely competitive. Some of them are friends in real life but when the match starts, they leave their friendship behind and end up producing an extremely intense match.

I have seen very few matches in which two female friends had taken part, and after the match ended, their friendship was as smooth as it was before the match. Women tend to be extremely competitive in general. One thing that I have observed in case of the American women was, they are on the face. If they do not like you, they will make it obvious.But Indian women, on the other hand, will always be nice to you even if they do not like you. This makes their matches extremely unpredictable. I organized a match where two best friends ended up ripping each other’s hair in a battle of test of strength. Combining all these factors I think Indian women wrestling matches are the best.

If you want to create a customized match, visit Meet the Wrestlers page(I have more wrestlers in my arsenal). Contact me through the Contact Us page or telegram( We will arrange a match for you in prices less than your rent

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