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The big Turkish women wrestling it out

I have a very bad habit of trying to organize a women’s wrestling match in every place that I visit. After reading this article, some individuals said,” Just because you kept prize money, hence you could arrange a  match like that. People thinking that, let me assure you, there have been many places where I have visited and have arranged a female wrestling match without even spending a single penny. Turkey is one of them. Turkish women are generally very straightforward. They are extremely gorgeous but what I loved about them is, their honesty. Turkish women wrestling is not common, even today. In this post, I will tell you how I arranged a Turkish women wrestling match free of cost.

Last year(2022), I had been to Turkey for a vacation. I reached the Delhi airport, booked a window seat and after we were done with the necessary check-ins, I was waiting for the flight to take off. I had almost fallen asleep when I noticed someone calling me. When I opened my eyes, I saw an extremely gorgeous lady standing next to my seat. She went, ”Hello Sir, would you mind if I take the window seat? ” I said, ” But this is the seat that I have booked”. She replied, “I understand that, but it would be very nice of you if you take the side seat and give me this window seat. She was so gorgeous and polite that I could not refuse her (Men will be men). I agreed to swap seats.

Turkish women wrestling

The plane finally took off…

The lady continued,” Sorry to bother you for the seat and thank you too ”.I smiled and said,” Its ok.”

The lady : My name is Aylin. Nice to meet you.

Me : Nice to meet you too, Nicholas here

We shook hands.

Aylin : Nicholas doesn’t sound like an Indian name.

Me : Because I am not an Indian. I am from America. I  guess you are Turkish.

Aylin : Absolutely. I had been in India for a shoot.

Me : For a shoot ? Are you an actor or model ?

Aylin : Actually, I’m an event organizer and an assistant director. Have you heard about roadies? The reality show ?

Me : Yes , it’s bullshit

Aylin : Actually, I’m a member of that crew.

Me : I guess, I shouldn’t have said that.

Aylin : No, it’s ok, it’s just your opinion. But why don’t you like the show ?

Me : Because the judges pretend to be demigods. Judging people for nothing and traumatizing people unnecessarily on national television.

Aylin : But that’s what viewers want to see. Fights attract more crowd than respect.

Me : Cannot agree more

Aylin : So, what do you do for a living ?

Me :  I am a software engineer

Aylin : That’s great. Are you Going to Turkey for work ?

Me : No, going there for a vacation. Did you try modelling in your life ? I guess you would be a wonderful model.

Aylin : I was a model previously.

I whispered to myself and said, ”That’s the reason why you look so gorgeous.”

Aylin smiled and said , ”Don’t you know women can literally hear everything.”

I smiled back and said,” No doubt about that now. ”

I like talkative girls. Aylin was one of the most beautiful girls I have met in my life. She was Turkish , but her English was fluent. I was having a wonderful time with her. I didn’t even realize when six hours went by. Now, it was time for the flight to land. Aylin wanted to help me out by bringing down my luggage. I  usually don’t let anyone touch my camera bag. So, I politely refused her offer of bringing down my bag.

I brought down my bag and was checking whether my camera was alright. Aylin said, “You must be having something precious inside the bag”. I replied, ”Yes , my camera.” She continued,” This is the first time I am seeing someone so obsessed with his camera.” I smiled.

The reality was , the content that was inside the camera is not fit for everyone. I cannot afford another disaster in my life. After she came to know that I am a photographer  , she invited me to visit one of her shoots , which was supposed to take place two days later in Istanbul.

Previously I have been in a shoot in Delhi ,but this was the first time I was about to witness a Turkish shoot. On the D-day, I visited the place. I saw 15-20 Turkish women sitting on a chair. Unlike the Indian shoots , there was hardly any crowd. There was a director, a camera guy, and a lights guy. There were five other individuals as well who were standing next to the contestants. Not even 10 people were there to see the shoot. Aylin came within half and hour and as soon as she saw me, she asked me to come inside the set. It was a culling round for a game show. From the list of 20 female contestants,5 contestants were supposed to be selected and they would proceed to the next rounds in the main reality show set.

Aylin was the anchor of this show. I was curiously watching the selection process. I could hardly understand a thing , since they spoke in Turkish language. Aylin was asking something to them, and they were answering back. Based on their answers they would select them for further rounds.

Let me tell you, every girl that had participated in the culling round was extremely beautiful. Had I been in Aylin’s place, I would have selected everybody just to see them again. Now it was the decision time, I was sitting next to Aylin, and she was confused about whom to choose. They liked eight women, but they were supposed to proceed with five.

She asked me ”Whom do you think should we choose amongst these 7 contestants “.Since , I hardly had any idea about the selection process, I asked her,” What is the game show about ? “.She said, “It’s a game show which tests women’s endurance. “ I said,” But how can a verbal interview decide a woman’s endurance? Will you test them physically ? ”She replied,” Yes in the next round”. I said,” Had I been in your place I would have taken a physical test of the contestants if I had any confusion”.

She said pointing out to the images,” Look these three contestants are finalized. but we must choose two from the remaining four.” I said, ”Maybe we should do a test of strength contest between the ones you are confused with. Let there be two matches, and the winners of the matches can proceed to the next round”. Aylin said, “Sounds like a great idea, but what test of strength do you have in your mind ?  Arm wrestling ? ” I said ,”How about Turkish women wrestling ? ” Aylin said, ”Are you sure ? I hope no one gets injured .“ I said, ”I think if they do it on the sand pit ,they won’t be injured”. Aylin replied, “Let’s do it”.

They prepared a sand pit within half an hour. The four contestants were called in and Aylin made them understand the rules. She said in English,” No kicking, no punching, no hairpulling. You need to push your opponent out of the circular arena”. The four contestants nodded their heads. It was just a matter of minutes since I was going to witness Turkish women wrestling.

To be continued….

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