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A time when I got lucky

It was 26th August 2023.Just like any usual Saturday, I was in the lake clicking images of nature. It was the period of dusk and almost everyone was returning home. The gate usually closes at 7 pm. Since I am staying in this place for almost a couple of years now, the gatekeeper of the lake knows me. On Saturdays I give the security some extra bucks so that I can be alone in the place for some time and click images. That day was not an exception.

I was clicking images of boats, flowers and the sunset when someone called me. I turned back and saw a gorgeous woman of almost 25-30 years looking towards me. She was wearing spectacles and had the figure of a model. I said, ”Did you say something ?”She said without any hesitation, ”May I look at what you are clicking ?”

I took my camera and showed her the images. She said, “Impressive camera quality. Can you please click a picture of mine, if you don’t mind ?”

I nodded my head in agreement. She started posing. I clicked some dozen images or so. She appeared to like it.

She : Thank you so much. How can I take the images ? Do I need to pay or something ?

Me : That’s a bit offensive

She : Why so ?

Me : Photography is my passion. I don’t click images to earn

She : So sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you

This was the first time, I was hearing a woman saying sorry. Since she was so nice and gorgeous at the same time , I didn’t want to stretch the matter.

Me: Its ok. Obviously you wont know. We are meeting for the first time.

I gave her my hand saying, ”Nicholas here”

She shook my hand replying,” Sanjana here, nice to meet you”

Me : So tell me how do you want to take your pictures? Do you have Instagram?

[A pro tip : Never ask a girl’s phone number during the first interaction]

She : I do.

We exchanged our Instagram id.

I assured her that once I reach home I would be sending her the images. That night I send her the images on Instagram stating that, Instagram has spoiled the resolution of her images. It would be better if she could have taken her pictures on a pen drive[Google drive is also a good option, but I didn’t mention that to her].

As expected, she didn’t have a pen drive. She didn’t even have a pc or laptop. The best alternative in that case was to directly take images from the camera to her mobile through a USB. For that to happen we needed to meet again.

We decided to meet at the same destination after a week. I gave her all her photos and after a candid conversation we decided to meet again on a coffee  shop the next day.

The coffee shop was just 5 mins away from the lake. We were supposed to meet at 7pm , I deliberately came in around 7:30 pm. When I went in, I saw Sanjana in a blue salwar. Her assets were bulging out from her dress. She was really looking hot. For few minutes I could not see anything else but her. She was talking to me while I was only looking at her.

Suddenly I was disturbed by a voice of a man. I turned back to see the waiter saying,” Excuse me sir, what do you want to take ?” I ordered a cup of coffee while Sanjana ordered a  cappuccino. While we were having a conversation, I noticed another lady entering the coffee shop.

She had the exact same figure like Sanjana. Oh wait !! I know her. She was one of our wrestlers, Dona(whom you can see in this section).As soon as she saw me, we greeted each other. I excused myself from Sanjana and after having a conversation with her(Dona) for 5-10 minutes I came back to Sanjana.

Sanjana: Who is she ? Your girlfriend ?

Me : No. A model.

Sanjana: Are you a model too?

Me : No ,I am a videographer and a DOP.I guess you are a model

Sanjana : Yeah, I was.But I had to leave it for certain reasons.

Me : Would you mind sharing the reasons ?

Sanjana : Exploitations by some big fish. What they asked from me, it was not possible for me to give

Me: Oh I understand.

Sanjana: What kind of shoots do you do ?

 I was thinking what I would say. To be honest, I didn’t want to lie. But at the same time if I speak the truth, chances are that she might freak out. So I decided to tell her the partial truth.

Me: Mostly combat shoots.

Sanjana : What is that?

Me: Sometimes clients give us a project where we have to show two models engaging in some sort of combat like wrestling/boxing/submission wrestling.

Sanjana : That’s interesting. Never heard about this previously.

I relaxed a bit. At least she is open minded about wrestling and grappling shoots.

Me: Yes very interesting.

The waiter came with the coffee and cappuccino. After taking the first sip, she said ,”are there any slots available for models ?”

I was surprised. Generally I have to convince models to participate in matches. This was the first time I was seeing someone who would want to do that by herself, especially in a country like India.

Me : I guess so. But in which tier of models do you want to rank yourself in ?

She: Tier of models ?

Me : ok. So there is one tier of models who acts. In those cases, both the models are equally paid and they are paid less. There is another tier of models who does real wrestling, in those cases the winner gets three times of the loser.

She:I would like to explore both options.

I didn’t know if I was dreaming. It was just too good to be true. I was shocked and it was clearly visible on my face.

She: Is everything alright ?

Me :Of course. Ok then as soon as we have a call for a match, I will let you know.

I wanted to make sure it was not a trap. She had the exact same figure like Dona. I had arranged a match between her and Dona after few days and guess what. She was almost defeating the veteran wrestler. Dona had participated in five matches previously and she had won all. This was the first time I have seen Dona on the verge of losing.

The clips for the match will be available on the “Clips for Sale” section soon.

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