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How to watch women wrestling matches for free ?

I have heard people saying it very often, “Now a days everything is available online for free”. We agree with this statement actually(mostly). I remember when I was in the US , we visited the wwe arena during a weekend( I went there to witness the divas matches).The arena was packed .People were shouting when the wrestlers were selling their moves. The sound was so high that after a while I got irritated. When you are seeing this live, you can clearly make out that that the wrestlers are fabrigating their moves. During the divas matches ,I realized that the women appear more glamorous and strong on screen as compared to real life. Somehow I felt that I had wasted 40 dollars(the ticket price) ,it was better if I would watch it on TV. Since then I have been trying to watch women wrestling matches for free.

Internet gave me some free women wrestling videos (a lot actually). There are certain prohibited sites that has women wrestling videos. Mostly they have catfights. I have met with a lot of sponsors who like it(catfight). When they ask me that “How can I arrange catfights ,instead of wrestling?” . I say, “just go to the pub, spill a drink on a girl(the girl needs to be drunk) and say that any other random girl asked you to do that”. I am not a fan of catfights. Rather I find it cheap. If I would be an organizer of catfights,I would have done that without wasting a single penny.

The thing about wrestling is, it requires skill. Its extremely hard to organize women wrestling matches especially in a country like India. Test of strength matches are actually fun to watch. I have literally scanned the internet but unfortunately I couldn’t find a good female test of match yet. April hunter makes good wrestling videos. I bought some of her videos. Although they were great videos, yet I wanted something more. I never got what I wanted till I became an organizer.

Till date I couldn’t organize any women wrestling match for free. The lowest I had to invest to witness a woman wrestling match was 10 dollars. And the result I got was mesmerizing. There has been a lot of sponsors who asked me, ”Why would I pay you if I can get the women wrestling videos for free on the internet ?”I say, “You don’t have to buy, find me a perfect wrestling match, I will be happy to download it “Unfortunately the videos that I have got was of extremely poor quality. I gave them one of our samples and asked for a comparison. Needless to say, the sponsors/buyers who were major against buying turned into our regular customers.

Recently one of our buyers had challenged us that he can organize a match absolutely free. The turn around time was about two weeks and if he could convince any two random girls to wrestle(not catfight) I would buy that video from him. After three weeks, I messaged him(I am always in touch with my buyers / sponsors),he replied ,”I did not try hard enough”. I know his ego got better of him. The correct answer would be, ”Its almost impossible  to convince two girls to wrestle without keeping any prize money ”.

Women wrestling matches for free

Ask yourself a question, ”How many times did you visit a prohibited website and seen videos for free ?”Even though the free videos gave you initial high, was the high for a long enough time frame ? We believe in earning things. That’s also a major reason why we don’t sell our videos to minors(below 21 years age).

Most of the free matches are scripted and are made for entertainment purposes. I doubt whether they apply real strength. Majority of them are fantasy matches. There is a segment of audience that likes it too. I am sure they haven’t seen any real arranged match yet.

YouTube is also a platform in which you can see women wrestling matches for free. Nowadays I see a lot of channels coming up based on the theme of women wrestling. They have got good subscribers base too. Most of them revolves around one woman who challenges other women for testing her strength. We cannot expect too many variations in those channels. But overall they are doing great.

Currently we are putting some demo videos in our YouTube channel too. Although we are not claiming that we are the best, we have some diversity. We have more than 50 wrestlers in our arsenal(they are not professional wrestlers, just normal people who wants to wrestle).Some of our buyers ask us,” Why don’t you make videos for free?”. The answer is very simple, ”Even professional wrestlers wont wrestle for free, forget the enthusiasts”. Further in India its almost impossible to arrange wrestling matches where both the female wrestlers are housewives. Thank God I have some edge.

You must have noticed that whenever you open a prohibited site, you get an check-box asking whether you are above 18 years. The trap is they will give you some rash content free of cost and then ask you to get their premium membership plan. Its advisable that minors should stay away from such sites including us. If you really want to fulfill your fantasies earn enough to fulfill it. If you love female wrestling matches we are there for you, but if you are a minor, your request to arrange free matches wont help.

I8 years age is the age for you to build yourself. If you get a good job or open a startup, you can fulfill your fantasies anyways with or without us. If you are living in the US it will be a cakewalk while if you are living in any South-Asian country(like India) you would eventually contact us.

Although we are trying to arrange female wrestling matches for free , deep inside us we know its almost impossible. Majority of our sponsors are Europeans and even they couldn’t arrange a single Indian female wrestling (taking Indian housewives) match till date. I recommend everyone who is reading this to at least visit our YouTube channel to get a glimpse of what we do.

Want to sponsor or buy a female wrestling match ? Contact us for more information. If you can arrange women wrestling matches for free , let us know

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