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Dark sides of organizing women wrestling matches

A lot of times , things doesn’t go as planned. Woman wrestling lies in the grey-zone. Although there are no laws that says that women wrestling is prohibited. It surely does raise eye brows in the place where I stay in currently. Had it not been for my passion , I would never have dared to organize women wrestling matches in India. I had a friend of mine who started organizing matches by seeing us. He did well for two matches , but then he was financially penalized for organizing such matches. There are a lot of dark sides of organizing women wrestling matches

Although I did not land into trouble till date(touchwood) , there is always a possibility. Sometimes wrestlers file a case against you if they are under-paid. I have seen many cases where the organizer did not respect the wrestlers and dug their own grave. The wrestlers went on to file a complaint against the organizer and then the organizer was not only financially penalized, but also had to toil hard to prove that what he was doing was not illegal.

My good friend , Gary tries to organize a match , but till date he was not able to convince a single female to wrestle. He carries an image of a Casanova ,yet when it comes to convincing two females two wrestle, he gets into an awkward stage all the time (he was even slapped by a lady a week ago).

There is a community of individuals who understand and like women wrestling. If you meet with an individual who don’t like it ,one question is obvious, ”What do you do with the women after they have wrestled each other ? “ or “How can women wrestling be such a turn on for you ?”.Women don’t usually like to wrestle(at least I haven’t met anyone ,who loves wrestling).They wrestle when something is on the line. It can be womanhood , money ,ego or country(in case of Olympics).

Dark sides of
Dark sides of organizing women wrestling matches

Women would never wrestle in front of someone whom they are not comfortable with. Now, its easy for me to arrange matches. But when I started off , it was damn difficult. Women were extremely suspicious about my intentions. It was even more difficult because the women were Indian. Slowly and steadily ,I gained their trust and now I organize at least two matches every week.

Now we have reached such a stage where women come to us and ask if they can participate in wrestling matches. We are more cautious now because you never know some individual’s intentions. Indian laws favor women to another level. One bad step and you go down through the slippery slope to hell. Not only is your image tarnished, but also you face irrevocable financial losses. This is one of the major dark sides of organizing women wrestling matches.

I know Drek who has been a victim of honey trap in this business. He convinced a girl to wrestle another girl. The two girls wrestled. One went to her house while the other started seducing Drek. They ended up doing the obvious. Now this girl started threatening Drek and said that if he doesn’t give him 10 thousand dollars, she would file a case against him saying that she was forced to have sexual relations with him.

This is exactly the reason why we need not bring every woman in this wrestling industry. My female wrestler’s panel consists of doctors, models, air-hostesses, lawyers, make-up artists and few students. I deliberately convince those women who are a bit open-minded alpha women. Although gut works sometimes, but if you want to be on the safer side, find women who have the quality of listening(mostly women don’t have that nowadays).

Organizing a match is very easy if you understand girls. Don’t appear weak even if you are. Appearing confident makes you win half the battle. Now the luck factor steps in. If you are lucky you will be able to convince ,if you are not , be prepared for counter questions( major dark sides of organizing women wrestling matches). I like aggressive girls(of course submissive girls are just too bland for wrestling), till the time the girls are showing aggression to their opponents its great, but the moment the wrestler shows aggression towards you, see that as a red flag. This is the exact point from which trouble can set in.

There has been times when I have seen an organizer getting too close to a wrestler. Although there is no harm in maintaining a friendly relationship with the fellow wrestlers, yet a professional relationship is always better. Most of my wrestlers are my friends, but I know where to stop.

The biggest advantage that I have is, I am a foreigner in the Indian territory. People here are curious to know about me. Indian people are one of the most hospitable individuals I have ever met in my life. I wont deny that , just because I am a foreigner , it gives me an edge when I try to convince women to participate in a wrestling match. I have never seen an Indian organizer/ match maker till date.(Actually one ,but he appeared to be fraud)

For a year or so, I have been organizing matches. How I wish, the globe knew about the strength of Indian women. I buy female wrestling clips from Italy, America, Brazil etc. But the thrill that I get by watching Indian women wrestling matches, I don’t get else where.(No wonder why I organize Indian women wrestling matches only)

When I speak about women wrestling ,the west is well aware of it and this is the reason why this topic has reached a saturation point. In the east, women wrestling is still an unexplored topic. Organizing women wrestling matches is not a cup of tea ,unless you are charmer or an expert in human psychology.

There are a lot of individuals who like Indian women wrestling. But the submissive environment doesn’t allow them to speak about it openly. They come to us and in turn we organize matches for them to see. Now a days, I see a lot of companies making customized women wrestling videos .How I wish some individuals knew about the Indian women. I can bet that they would drop their idea of Italian women wrestling and would want to set up a market in India.

I have a strong believe that one day the topic of “Indian women wrestling” would be in extremely trending. Many Indian organizers would come up and we can see the internet filled with such matches. Till then if you want to buy a clip or get a customized match for yourself, contact us through this form or telegram (https://t.me/The_archer101) after you select your desired wrestlers.

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