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An unusual story of two moms wrestling

Here is an interesting story of one of our subscribers. Meet Otis, who has been a follower of our website for few months . He is from Germany and in this story you will find out how he and his friend had pitted their moms to wrestle against each other.

Hi this is Otis and I am from Germany .Since a very young age, I have an affinity towards female combat. While my friends used to drool over the thought of intimacy between men and  women, I used to fantasize about two bulky women wrestling . I don’t know from where it stemmed out of, but I had never shared that with anyone.

In our school it was mandatory for everyone to take any one combat sport. The list included judo, taekwondo ,boxing and kickboxing. I chose taekwondo. While I was practicing the martial art , I met with a guy named Adele. He was of my own weight category. Not only was he a very jovial boy but also he was exceptionally good in the sport. Within a very short span of time , we became very good friends.

After few months a guy named Thomas enrolled himself in taekwondo. He was Adele’s best friend. Thomas was a typical introvert. He would never open up to anyone not even to his friend, Adele. For few months he practiced taekwondo then he enrolled himself in judo.

After we received the training,now it was time for us to showcase our skills on our annual sports day.It was the round of 16 match between me and Adele.It was supposed to be a 9 mins bout.There were 3 rounds each of 3 minutes with a gap of one minute between the rounds.

The match started.Adele won the first round.The entire crowd was cheering for me and Adele.In the interval between the two rounds,my eyes fell on the crowd.I saw Thomas sitting on the arena and he was looking at the girl’s judo match.I saw a strange sense of satisfaction on his face.Although I didn’t know him well,this was the first time I was seeing a strange bliss on his eyes.I saw two bulky girls grabbing each other’s collar and trying to disbalance the other.Suddenly it was time for the second round.

I lost my concentration and was completely distracted by the sight of the two girls. Adele took advantage of the situation and knocked me down with a kick .He entered into the semifinale while I took a seat in the crowd.

I sat next to Thomas. He was still looking at the girl’s judo match. Keeping my hand on his shoulder I said, ”You like women combat”. He quickly turned his sight towards the taekwondo match and said, ”Not really”.

I however didn’t want to make him uncomfortable. Without disturbing him further, I started watching the women’s judo matches. Adele became the taekwondo champion for that year.

The very next day while I was having my lunch on our cafeteria,someone grabbed me from behind.I turned back and saw Thomas standing next to me.

“Hey Otis,” Thomas said, surprising me with his presence.

“Hey, Thomas. What’s up?” I replied.

Thomas seemed a bit hesitant but then finally blurted out, “You know, I do like women combat.”

I couldn’t help but grin. It seemed like we shared a common interest after all. “You too, huh? I thought I was the only one.”

Thomas smiled sheepishly. “Women combat have always fascinated me”. But I never told anyone. It’s just not something you talk about.”

I nodded in agreement. “I understand. It’s not exactly a mainstream topic of conversation.”

As we continued to chat, we discovered that we both had a secret desire to see some bulky women wrestle against each other. It was an unusual and somewhat taboo idea, but we couldn’t deny the excitement it brought us.

I asked him,”Do you have any woman wrestling fantasy ?”.He thought for about a minute(I guess he was thinking whether he would say it to me or not) and them he finally blurted out,”I want to see a wrestling match between my mom and an aunt of mine”

This shocked me. Even I had the same fantasy. I never thought that I would find someone who likes the same thing as me.

“Would you mind showing me your mom’s image ?”He smirked and showed me his mom’s picture which was there in his wallet.His mom was bulky but had a wonderful built.She looked like a female bodybuilder.

Thomas asked me for my mom’s image.I showed him some images from my mobile.There was a silence for a minute or so.Then we blurted out together,”How if we could make our moms wrestle?”.It was great to see that I and Thomas were on the same page.

Over the next few weeks, we couldn’t shake off the idea of convincing our mothers to engage in a friendly wrestling match. We decided to approach them separately and cautiously broach the subject.

One weekend, I mustered up the courage to talk to my mother, Karla. I approached her and said, “Mom, I have a request. Thomas and I were talking, and we thought it might be fun if you and his mom had a friendly wrestling match. Just for fun, you know?”

Mom looked at me with a mix of surprise and amusement. “Wrestling? Really, Otis? That’s an unusual request.”

I nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I know it sounds weird, but we’re both really interested in female combat, and we thought it could be a fun way to satisfy our curiosity.”

Karla considered it for a moment and then burst into laughter. “Well, I suppose it would be a unique experience. But I’ll have to talk to Thomas’s mom about it.”

Encouraged by my mother’s response, we approached Thomas’s mother, Maria, with the idea. She was equally surprised but also intrigued. “I never thought I’d hear something like this from my son,” she said, chuckling. “But if you both really want to see it, and if it’s just for fun, I’m open to giving it a try.”

With both mothers on board, we set a date for the friendly wrestling match in our backyard. It was agreed that the match would be light-hearted and just for the sake of entertainment, without any competitive spirit. Thomas and I were thrilled about the upcoming event.

The day of the match arrived, the match was supposed to be in our backyard. We had set up a makeshift wrestling ring, and our mothers were ready for the battle.

My mom was in her pink night suit and Maria was in a green night dress.Both were swinging their arms and were busy doing their warm ups.

As soon as we blew the whistle both ladies were rushed towards each other. Mom and Maria locked fingers and pushed hard and soon they slammed their breasts together. Me and Thomas were cheering both of them. Soon they tripped and fell down flat on the floor of the ring. They had caught each other in hugs and were rolling continuously. Simultaneously, they were grunting in an intention to stop the roll and place themselves over their opponent.

However, since both of them had equal power, none of them was able to stop the rolling. I was simply excited as I saw two hot bodies full of flesh rolling from one corner to the other. There was lots of grunting and groaning as two of the hottest women rolled in the ground, trying to gain the upper hand. As the wrestling progressed, we took a couple of more chances to include our mothers in it. . We really enjoyed when a couple of times their hands touched each other’s chests. Finally, the wrestling came to a halt when Maria managed to mount on top of Mom.

She used her hands to pin Mom down and using her chests, pressed downward against Mom’s chests. I could see the chests pressed against each other. Both women had their legs entwined against each other which made both of their movement nearly impossible. Both were grunting and groaning by applying equal strength.

We separated the two women and now both the women were back at their feet

The game began again. This time there was more of a standing fight than a ground battle. Both women moved around each other with fingers locked and both heads and chests pushing against each other. I could see their butts jiggling when their bodies were pushing their opponents. They covered almost every corner of the ring struggling to gain the upper hand and emerge victorious.

Both of them were sweating profusely. They became so tired that it was not possible for them to take a single step. Their competitiveness shocked us. Both of them fell into the ground holding each other and neither of them had the energy to move. We decided to end the match

In the end, the match concluded with both women falling into a heap of laughter, hugging it out as they declared it a draw. Thomas and I were extremely happy. We couldn’t believe that we made our moms wrestle

Our mothers may not have become professional wrestlers, but they had shared a unique bonding experience and created a lasting memory for both Thomas and me. It was a reminder that sometimes, embracing our unusual interests and sharing them with loved ones could lead to unexpected and joyous moments in life.

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