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The best women wrestling match that I have organized

I had just arranged a female wrestling match for a sponsor of mine a few days back. After I gave him the shoot, he asked me,” How many matches have you organized to date? ” I said,” About 30-40 roughly”. He goes,” I want the best women wrestling match that you have organized to date”. To be honest, I was a bit confused at that time. Each and every match that I have organized had a different back story. Although now I have lots of females, who are inquisitive about wrestling, under my wing, I always liked the matches where I had to break some sweat in convincing some random girls to wrestle.

Talking about breaking some sweat, arranging wrestling matches in India has by far been the toughest. I have arranged women’s wrestling matches in Italy, Turkey, Australia, Bangladesh and the USA with minimum or no effort. But Indian women are something else. Their defensive wall is just too hard to penetrate. Some Indian boys say that still I have some edge over them because I am a foreigner in their territory. But trust me, I hardly have a 50% strike rate when it comes to convincing them to a wrestling match. Sometimes I feel pity for the local Indian boys.

There is a common myth that catfights are more exciting than wrestling. I have organized many matches in India where wrestling turned into a catfight eventually. We had to stop the bout because we did not want any injury. Neither was that exciting nor did it arouse any new fetish in us. Now the thing is, wrestling matches did not turn into catfights in America. American women have a great figure and almost everyone wants to be the alpha. Now here is the difference, they are not alphas they want to be one. Further in the USA, we hardly hide our feelings. Getting things done is way easier in the United States. I have hardly met any introverts in my school or college days. Neither are we diplomatic nor are we shy to express our feelings.

In my second home India, women who said yes to a wrestling match came up very aggressively in their matches. Never in our wildest thoughts, did we imagine that Indian women would be that aggressive. You meet them in real life, they appear to be the nicest women you will ever meet. In their matches, they are just a badass. I can bet my life, Indian girls would squeeze American girls when it comes to a wrestling match. I am sure this statement would raise many eyebrows, but this is what my experience tells me.

best women wrestling match

A few months back, we approached two women for a wrestling match. One was an air hostess while the other was a model. The model used to go to the same gym as me. After a few initial interactions, I asked her if she was interested in wrestling. Although she initially refused, later she expressed her will to wrestle. It was a very hectic task, to be honest. She agreed just to have an experience.

Convincing the air hostess was even more difficult. I met her at a late-night party and asked her if I can buy her a drink. Although it was not that hard to get her attention, things got more difficult when we started our interaction. She asked me what I do for a living. I said that” a professional software engineer, but a photographer by passion”. She asked,” What kind of shoots do you do ?”.I said,” Any shoot that you can imagine”. She bombarded me with a lot of questions after that which I had to answer very cautiously. We exchanged numbers.

She became very open with me as time passed. She had the ideal body type for a wrestler. I took my time. I didn’t want to rush and spoil things this time. At a point, when we became very good friends and were truly comfortable with each other I asked her if she cares to participate in a wrestling shoot. Her initial reaction was “NO”. I  had cut off from her for good  2-3 days after which she called, ”Hey!! Can we meet tonight?” I rejected the proposal saying that I need to prepare for the shoot that was supposed to take place the next day.

Out of the blue, she asked me,” Who is participating? Are they trained wrestlers? ”I replied,” Absolutely not. They are inquisitive about wrestling”. She thought for a moment and replied, ”Ok I’m in”

I created a WhatsApp group where I introduced them to each other. Since both were inexperienced, both were nervous. The only reason I arranged their match was because their body type was identical, and they looked extremely robust.

Here I saw a striking difference between the Indian and American girls. Whenever I have created groups abroad, thrash talk started from that moment. On the contrary, the Indian girls were extremely respectful to each other when they met. The matches between American women last no more than 15 mins. But in the case of the Indian girls, each round was lasting up to 10 mins. The battle lasted up to 1 hour 15 minutes. We could see the aggression between the two ladies.

It was supposed to be a test of strength contest. It started with a finger lock mercy challenge, followed by a head-to-head push and it continued for half an hour. The last challenge was a sumo wrestling challenge. The two ladies were on fire. Their match was a treat to watch. Guess the result of the match. It was a draw. We had to force the ladies to stop the match. There was a time when both the ladies started ripping off each other’s dresses. We couldn’t afford to let things go out of hand. And hence, we had to intervene.

And that’s not the end. I had just reached home when I got a call from the model. She clearly said that she wanted a re-match if the air hostess is brave enough to accept her challenge. After a few days, while I was chatting with the air hostess, she said that she enjoyed the match and would want to test her strength again with the other lady. They said the same thing by themselves. I didn’t even ask them for a re-match.

Now here is a question, can we call them alpha women? Absolutely. Society has forced them to be nice(which is good). Had it not been so, Indian women would be the most badass breed of women. This is the best women wrestling match that I have witnessed to date. 

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