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Two women wrestling is a powerful dream

Ever seen two women wrestling in real life ? No, I am not saying whether you have watched a live WWE event or have you watched an Olympic wrestling match between two women. Let me rephrase the question. Have you ever watched two women wrestling just for proving their womanhood or settling a dispute? If your answer is yes, then you must be one of the luckiest individuals till date. If your answer is no, don’t worry you belong to the 99 percent category of individuals who just dreams of seeing that.

Generally speaking , if women want to settle a dispute the first involuntary action they would do is quarrelling. If the dispute is too serious to be resolved just by talking, the next thing they would do is slapping and hairpulling. While some people(men specifically) like the sight of two women slapping and pulling each other’s hair, I personally find it derogatory. Catfight mostly causes injuries. While there are individuals who like seeing people in pain, there is also a category of people who just wants to witness the brute strength of women. Such people would not like catfight to that extent.

Personally I have never seen two women resolving their conflicts through a wrestling match(unless it’s a WWE story line).Women is the US are a bit expressive so you can see some catfights every now and then. However in India, even if women have problems with each other they tend to keep it within themselves. That can be maturity or that can be because of their submissive nature. I have seen a lot of American female wrestling matches. Most of them are submission matches or like the ones in WWE.

In India, two women wrestling is a rare sight. Although now some women wrestle in Olympic wrestling style, yet I wish we could get a Spartan like society. During that era, women used to wrestle with each other and the winner would marry the most powerful man of the town. If two women had any conflicts, they would challenge each other to participate in a wrestling match. Wrestling matches were basically fought to test each other’s strength and not to injure the opponent. It was believed that the woman who had more strength would give birth to a healthier and stronger offspring. Hence the men always wanted to be with a strong women. Women loved  men just like the way men liked women. They wouldn’t shy out from practicing their strength in the open to attract the other gender.

Now a days I see majority of the men consider themselves lucky if they have a girlfriend. The selection process has become so lenient that if you have too high demands you might end up being single. In India if you have to see two women wrestling, either you need to visit the akhara( a wrestling pit made of sand) or need to organize a match yourself.

two women wrestling
Two women wrestling

Each of them has many pros and cons. The advantage of going into an akhara is, you can see a lot of women wrestling matches. The ticket price is less than a dollar. The most important advantage is you will find women who are interested in wrestling. So application of strength by the women would be real. The disadvantage is that the women would wrestle in a particular manner. If you don’t like that style you wont like any matches. However if you want to organize a match, you can get the women to wrestle in the style that you want to. But the disadvantage is, its extremely hard to convince the women to wrestle. It requires some money to organize. You need to rent a house, convince the women whom you want to see doing wrestling and then execute. Its a hell of a task.

To all the people who like women wrestling, I think we have taken birth in the wrong era. It would be better if we had taken birth in the Spartan or Roman era and be a powerful man of that era. Organizing wrestling matches would be a cakewalk. Had I taken birth during the time of the Roman empire, everyday I would organize wrestling matches between women. I would have organized ten matches with the prize money that I usually keep for one match. Imagine a society, where women are coming up to you and saying that they want to wrestle with the other woman to be your queen. That idea itself is extremely overwhelming.

Although I cannot discount the fact that there has been few women who came up to me and said that they want to wrestle. But the motive for them has always been money and not to test their strength. And to be honest its absolutely fair on them. You cannot expect women to have masculine traits.

When we were kids often we used to engage in test of strength contests with our classmates. Our main motive was to prove ourselves and our peers that we were strong. I don’t know about India but in the United States even the school girls used to test each other’s strength. Some of my female friends today are models, teachers, entrepreneurs with great features. I wish we never grew up and continued the test of strength battles. At least I could enjoy it for free.

Some of our video buyers or sponsors ask us, ”How can I organize a  wrestling match between two women for free ?”.I reply, ”In your dreams”. While some of them gets offended, some understand what I am trying to say. The sight of two women wrestling is a dream for many even today. There are so many wrestling organizations who coordinates women wrestling matches like the WWE. Yet there are some fantasies of people(maybe a specific pattern of wrestling) which organizations cannot manage.

Even I love test of strength matches. The main problem here is its extremely hard to get genuine women who are interested in wrestling. After few trails and errors, we got the perfect lineup of women wrestlers in our arsenal. And the interesting part is we haven’t even uploaded the images of every female wrestler. If you want to organize a wrestling match between two women and you are successful in it, nothing like it. But if you are not , don’t worry , we have your back. Just select the wrestlers and contact us. We will arrange a customized match for you at prices below what you can arrange in.

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