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Do women like to wrestle with each other?

Last Sunday when I was having a conversation with one of our sponsors, he asked me,” Do the women under you, like to wrestle or do they do it for money? “. Honestly, even I did not know the answer till I had a conversation with some of my wrestlers. After wrapping up the wrestling shoot a few days back, I sat next to one of my wrestlers, and asked” If I do not give you any money, would you still wrestle?” She thought for a couple of minutes and said,” I guess no one would”. I asked,” Does that mean you wrestle only for money?” She replied,” I wouldn’t say that, but any professional wouldn’t do a task unless he/she is paid”.

I said,” But you are not even a professional wrestler,” She replied,” Exactly, so if I’m doing it I must be liking it. If I did not like it, I wouldn’t have done it multiple times.” What I understood by her statements is the women (under me) like to wrestle. Giving them the prize money adds fuel to the fire. Let me narrate another instance to you.

There is this Bengali girl (not mentioning her name for obvious reasons), who just lost her bout against another Bengali girl. She called me up the next day and said,” I want a rematch”. When I said her that there was no sponsor for her match, she clearly mentioned.” I don’t care, I will wrestle her for free”. I immediately called her opponent and said this. She replied” If you keep the prize money half of what you generally keep, I will wrestle her again. Since there was no sponsor at that time and I did not want to let the heat cool down, I sponsored the match. And what a match it was!!!

It’s not fair to put all women in the same bracket. If I know a few women who wrestle only for money, I also know women who wrestle to fulfil their inner fire. There can be many ways in which a human can find out that he/she is strong. You never know how strong you are unless you exercise it. Wrestling is one such form. Unfortunately, society expects women to be submissive. That’s why they don’t get enough opportunities to exercise their strength. Had it not been so, we would have seen many more women in the world of combat. Would you believe it, if I say that till date, I haven’t seen a boring wrestling match by the girls who are under me? Although Indian girls are extremely respectful, you see a strange fire in them while they are wrestling.

women wrestle for quenching their inner fire

I don’t think anyone can love wrestling, especially if you are straight. People can like seeing wrestling matches, but what I believe is people wrestle or box when they are angry. No individual is angry all the time unless he is hulk. So, it’s more like switching a personality. If money is mixed with this angry personality, it’s a vicious combination. That’s when you must take extra safety precautions so that your wrestlers aren’t hurt while they are wrestling. Adrenaline can sometimes make things dirty. So, it’s always the organizer’s responsibility to keep a check.

I had another wrestler in my arsenal. She was from Punjab (the land of warriors). There was another Haryanvi girl (a girl from from Haryana). She challenged this Punjabi girl to a match. The Punjabi girl hardly took any time to get into the contest. Both were married. When I organized their match, it had an intense start. It was ten minutes into the fight when I saw a devilish smile on both of their faces. Honestly, it shocked me.

Generally, in all the matches that I have organized, I have seen intensity and struggle in the wrestler’s faces. Here I saw something completely different. I was shocked to see this, especially from Indian women. This was also the first time the two wrestlers exchanged numbers after their battle. God knows the reasons why. Maybe they felt something that they have never felt before or maybe just something else.

I also believe that humans usually do not do things until there is any reason for them to do the things. Wrestling is not an exception. I have always fantasized about a test of strength match between two of my schoolteachers. Can I make them wrestle today? Yes, with a lot of effort.

Will I ever make them wrestle or even try to approach them? Absolutely not, I don’t want to go through the embarrassment and lose the respect that I have in their eyes. Yes, I am still in touch with them. If I ask them to wrestle the best-case scenario would be they would wrestle for fun. The worst-case scenario would be, they would ask about my intention. They will be smart enough to understand my intention even if I lie to them, and in the end, things will take a disastrous turn. Hence, I have suppressed that delusion (of making them wrestle). If God just removes their memory of me from their mind, I will approach them for sure. Although there’s no guarantee that they would wrestle for money, still I would have tried my best.

If two girls do not want to wrestle, there is nothing you can do in this world to pacify them. If you think just by showing them money, you can arrange their match, that’s just a fallacy. There have been numerous occasions where I have tried that, but it all went in vain.

Whenever my sponsors ask me,” Please tell me how can I arrange a female wrestling match like you?”, I always tell them,” Don’t try this, at home, school or anywhere”. If you are ok with the fact that some girls will embarrass the hell out of you if you approach them for the same,” Good Luck with that”. There is also another way in which you can fulfil your fantasy of seeing two women wrestling. Contact me directly through my telegram (https://t.me/The_archer101) or email. You can either select the wrestlers from Meet the Wrestlers section or ask me for more wrestlers (I haven’t uploaded everyone’s image on the site). And full fill your wrestling fantasy. The money with which you can arrange the match, I will arrange it at prices way less than that. What are you waiting for? Quickly visit this page

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