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Everything you need to know about women wrestling hub

Our site “women wrestling hub” has shown massive growth within three months. When we started off, some people claimed that the market is already cluttered and you would hardly get any customized matches. Although it wasn’t our intention to prove anyone wrong, yet we managed to organize more than 50 matches during this short span of time. There is a common myth  that European or American matches sell more than Asian matches. The thought behind this myth is American or European girls are more robust and bolder than Asian women. The truth is most of the wrestling enthusiasts have not witnessed wrestling matches between two Indian women.

Women Wrestling Hub is the first website that focuses primarily on Indian women wrestling. If you are a fan of female test of strength, you have landed in the correct website. Even if you don’t want to buy from us ,its absolutely ok. At least we share some common desires.

For those who are new to this website, let me introduce myself. I am Nicholas and I’m the founder of Women wrestling Hub. For a fairly long time, I am organizing women wrestling matches. I have coordinated matches in the US, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Australia , Bangladesh and India. Out of all the matches that I have organized Indian women wrestling matches have by far been the most intense and hard. That’s the reason why I had decided to stick to Indian women wrestling only.

The internet is filled with European or American women wrestling match makers. Till date I haven’t met anyone who organizes Indian women wrestling matches. I am a huge fan of female test of strength. I agree that American or European girls are better in catfighting and submission wrestling. But when it comes to test of strength, Indian women are just beyond any competition. Women Wrestling Hub focuses primarily on organizing women test of strength battles. If you love ladies testing their strength, this is the website for you.

Here are  the Top 5 things you need to know about women wrestling hub

1) Women Wrestling Hub lets you customize rounds as per your choice

You can choose the wrestlers from our “Customized women wrestling” section. If you don’t like the wrestlers, feel free to contact us and we will search the ideal wrestlers for you. You can give us any number of rounds that you wish to see.

Unlike some websites we do not charge for the length of the rounds. Most of our matches happens indoor. We charge based on the dress you choose for the wrestlers. If you want the wrestlers to wrestle in the Indian traditional dress(saree or salwar) it costs you around 15k INR(184 USD).Wrestling matches in blouse will cost you 20k INR(245 USD).If you want the wrestlers to wrestle in sports bra it will cost you 25k INR(305 USD),while women wrestling in bikini will cost you 35k INR(428 USD).

In order to let us know about the rounds, you can directly contact us through telegram, contact us form or the email address of the owner.

2)You will be  in direct contact with the owner of the site while sponsoring a match

One of the main reasons why we have been able to gain the trust of our sponsors/buyers is that we are in direct contact of our buyers. We get exactly what the buyer wants and then execute accordingly. We are available for a chat with you till the time we deliver your video so that you don’t stop trusting us. Always remember that you and us share the same interest. We are not just doing business, we aim to create a long-term camaraderie with you.

I have been scammed enough by other organizers and the last thing I would want is to break your trust. If you are buying videos from us, two things we can guarantee. You will get your desired video within the stipulated time and you will not be cheated on.

3)Affordable price points

I have spent a major part of my life in the US. When I lived there ,the rent was 2k USD. Our premium matches(bikini) will cost you 428 USD which is approximately 1/5th of the rent’s money. We have checked various sites and we have kept the price points as cheap as possible. If you think 428 USD is too much for you, you can select the other plans as well.

Very soon we will implement group customized matches where customized matches will cost around 5k INR(62 USD) for our buyers. We want female wrestling lovers to buy the videos without having the hesitation of money.

4)You can buy pre-sponsored matches in Women Wrestling Hub

If you think that the Customized plan is being too much harsh on your pocket you can buy the pre-sponsored matches.

One pre-sponsored bout will cost you 2000 INR ( 26 USD)

Two pre-sponsored bouts will cost you 3000 INR ( 38 USD)

Three pre-sponsored bouts will cost you 3500 INR( 44 USD)

Four pre-sponsored bouts will cost you 4000 INR (50 USD)

Generally there are 7 rounds in a wrestling bout that we produce. The seven round includes finger lock challenge, finger lock with head to head push challenge, head to head push challenge ,chest to chest push challenge , bearhug challenge, arm wrestling challenge and elbow collar tie up .If you want to buy just one round ,pricing for you will be 500 INR( 8 USD dollars).

5)Quick turn around time

In most cases you get your video within a week. The maximum time we have taken to release a video is 10 days and the minimum time we have taken to deliver a video was three days.


If you buy any video from us and if any other buyer buys a video through your reference, we pay you 12 USD directly into your PayPal account or your bank account. You can either get the 12 dollars or get a pre-sponsored video for free. If we get at least 7  buyers through you, you can get a customized female wrestling video of your choice absolutely free.

Even if you don’t want to buy, you can contact me directly in telegram (https://t.me/The_archer101)and tell me about what you like about women wrestling. Looking forward to your message. You can visit our YouTube channel to catch some demo videos.







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    The videos that play, why are they not visible clearly, those that play on YouTube and put the full video, not half of the videos remain, it is not fun to watch, the price of the video is also very expensive, do some work so that we can buy and watch

  • Narendra

    App ka mobile no. Milega aap do actress ki kushti ka video banaye muh mange rate par bike gi naam hai Bhojpuri movie actress Kajal raghwani and Amrapali ki kushti ka video banaye

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