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How to make two women wrestle each other ?

Well, I get this question from my sponsors very often. They ask me,” How can I make two women wrestle each other ”. I come up with a cliched answer,” It’s not how you can make them wrestle, it’s about how you can convince them to wrestle”. Even before that, the question arises, should you even try or let your fantasy be a fantasy? If you are thinking that convincing women to wrestle will be a tedious job, you are wrong. Does that mean convincing women to wrestle would be a cakewalk? Absolutely freaking not.

Wrestling is a sport which is played by strong individuals. As a child, we always thought of ourselves as Superman, batman, hulk, and the list goes on. Remember the days when we used to get in unnecessary fights with our peers to prove who is the strongest in the class? As we grew old not only did, we stop that, but also categorized this activity as awkward. Imagine if we lived in the Spartan era, we would solve conflicts by a mere wrestling match instead of running into courts.

I have travelled in various places and have arranged test of strength contests in various places like the USA, India, Australia, Bangladesh, Italy and Turkey.  I have some experience when it comes to convincing women for a wrestling match.

Frankly, when I was in the US, it was very easy to organize such events. The women were extremely curious (not all though). I had been in a pub and was trying to convince a woman to wrestle, she was like,” Should we start it here?”, pointing toward her twin sister. We neglected her twin sister and got another woman of the same features from the same pub on the same night. Within a week, we arranged one of the most fantastic wrestling matches, I have ever witnessed in my entire life. We rented a house and kept a huge plastic tub on the ground, there were three rounds of oil wrestling and three rounds of pure test of strength.  Not even for a second, were they awkward. They didn’t even have any counter-question when I asked them about their will to wrestle.

How to make two women wrestle
How to make two women wrestle

Further, there were websites from which you could get session wrestlers, but that was beyond what we could afford at that time. After I got involved in my family business, I tried to arrange a wrestling match through session wrestlers. One appeared on D-day while the other ran away with my money. It’s very difficult to arrange matches in one country by being in another country.

After a few weeks, I went to another location in the US and approached a girl to wrestle. She bombarded me with her questions (and rightfully so). She asked me about my intentions and then politely refused.

Similar incidents have taken place in Australia. I was afraid to ask the girls because of certain reasons, so my friend Steffi helped me out in arranging a rumble. It was a match between 10 strong women on the beach and I got this done for just 10 dollars. On my visit to Italy, I met with a professional female freestyle wrestler. She had her academy. I didn’t have to even break a sweat to organize a match. I set the rules and they all fought tooth and nail to be the winner.

In 2021, December, I had been in Turkey. Turkish girls are one of the most beautiful girls you would ever find on this planet. What attracted me more was their behaviour. I have been there for good three months. I was there in a resort with a private beach. The staffs were ready to provide me with everything that I wanted and arrange anything for me (the place was extremely expensive). I took advantage of the situation and asked them if they can arrange two women who would wrestle each other (I requested, which means, I was open to being refused). I asked them in the afternoon, and within the next day, two women came to me wanting to wrestle (I don’t know how they did that). That was a good contest too.

For a week, I have been in Bangladesh too. I arranged a match between two women in their traditional dress, i.e., saree. Two panda-like women were trying their best to show their strength to each other. That is one of the cutest matches I have ever seen. How I arranged the match, I will reveal in the later articles.

Now comes India, the place where I have been for the last three years. Although I love this country, to be honest, it’s extremely difficult to arrange a match here and that adds to the thrill. India has so many people of varying cultures and traditions that it is a continent in itself. I have a huge fantasy of witnessing a battle between a Bengali woman and a Punjabi woman or between two Mallu women. I was very close to arranging a match between a Bangalan (a woman residing in West Bengal) and a Punjaban (a woman residing in Punjab). But due to certain unfortunate turn around of events it couldn’t be done.

In India, if a woman gets any hint that she is being approached for something which appears fishy, she will simply kick your butt. They have grown up in very protective surroundings. In such a situation, I have adapted a simple strategy. Wait for the right time. Let them come to you.

Even if I see a woman whom I want to see her doing wrestling, I just don’t approach. At the most I would take the initiative to compliment her, that’s it. If she is interested let her follow you. Once she is comfortable with you, ask her. Even if she says no, you have nothing to lose. India is one of the very few places where they respect gentlemen till date. Appearing unnecessary alpha or a “bad boy” can increase your hospital bills. There is a common saying,” When in Rome do as the Romans do”

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