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Why Female Wrestling Matches Are Easily Organized In The West As Compared To The East?

Let me give you this answer with a help of an example. During my college days, I used to visit Brooklyn very often. There were three reasons for that. Firstly, WWE was hosted there, and my girlfriend was a huge fan of Triple H, EC3 and Fin Balor (I did not like this form of wrestling, but I liked Charlotte, Nikki Bella, and Beth Phoenix). Secondly, every year people would gather there to witness coleslaw wrestling matches and I loved it too. Last but not the least, very often there would be women’s oil wrestling matches in the nightclubs. Female wrestling matches are not a taboo in the Western part of the world. If you look it up on the internet, Fabulous Moolah was the first WWE female champion in 1956.

If I just talk about wrestling, Americans or anyone staying in the West of Asia would imagine the WWE form of wrestling. Even Australians for that matter of fact. This form of wrestling is a staged act, if we imagine this form of wrestling to be real, it aims to cause physical harm to your opponent. I have been living in India for the last 4 years. One thing that I have noticed is, most people think about the Olympic style of wrestling whenever the concept of wrestling is brought up.

Although the Olympics is an ancient concept, the concept of “women wrestling” in the Olympics has been introduced in 2004. What I mean to say is, women might know about it but they did not practice it until the late 90s. I have a friend of mine who said “Hamida Banu was a female wrestler from India who dominated her opponents”, but these seem to be a folklore. Even today, people see wrestling as a man-sport, especially in villages. What’s sad is most of the strong women are from villages .Female wrestling matches are a rare sight.

India and Russia have a lot of things in common. Women of both nations are extremely strong when it comes to brute strength. Society is crafted in such a way that a good wife or a good mother is more glorified as compared to a good wrestler. Although that’s the reason why they don’t have frequent divorces as compared to the West, I think the Indian women competing or Russian women competing would be a treat to watch coming from people like me. How I wish female wrestling matches would be more frequent in India and Russia.

To be honest, what I have found out here is, it’s easier to convince a woman to marry me than to convince them to participate in a wrestling match. Although now, owing to the accolades of some female wrestlers like Geeta Phogat, Sakshi Malik and many other female wrestlers Indian girls are willing to represent their nation in wrestling. Or at least they are aware of the concept. Female wrestling matches are mainly organized in the akharas(rings), which are made of sand. They use a typical traditional term,” mitti kushti”. If you haven’t watched it, it’s one of the most beautiful sports. The girls begin their wrestling career from the akharas and eventually compete in the Olympic mats.

In America, if you want to organize a wrestling match, all you need to do is approach a lady and ask her . People don’t necessarily judge you. Most of the time, the ladies are just curious. Although I’m not saying that every time you will succeed in convincing them, at least you have a higher percentage of success. What I have noticed in India is, the people are just too nice. Let me narrate a recent story.

Female wrestling matches

Just before a week, I had gone out jogging and saw a lady who was in her late 30s running in the park. She was extremely attractive, too fit for a lady in her late 30s. I am not bragging about myself, but I usually get some attention in India(just because I am a foreigner in the place). I smiled at the lady, the lady thought twice before reverting to a smile. In the USA, this is very common, we generally give a smile even if we are strangers.

It was at this day, I understood that it has some consequences in India. People here see this as form of flirting. The lady smiled back at me in an awkward manner. No sooner did her husband see her smiling at me, he just took her away from the park. After that day, I never saw the lady inside the park again.

I had visited an akhara in Gujarat recently. Men and women were training together. The women usually had short hair (at least most of them had that) and everyone was a tom-boy. Out of all the women in the akhara, there was only one girl who had lady-like attributes. She is extremely gorgeous and she is a state-level player (not mentioning her name due to obvious reasons). When I saw her, she was wrestling with another woman and was having a neck-to-neck battle.

I was seeing the battle from far off when the wrestling coach saw me. What came in my mind first initially is, he might be calling me near him to smack me , but all he asked me was did I like the country and am I interested in wrestling. I said that I am in awe of this style of wrestling, but I would want to organize a wrestling match instead of participating in it.

He was a bit shocked when I said that I wanted to organize. I gave him an offer, that let the women wrestlers participate, and the winner would get 700 dollars. The coach politely refused and said that they wrestle to bring pride to the country or state and not for any entertainment purposes. That day I learnt a very important lesson, Indian wrestlers consider wrestling as sacred. Indian wrestlers would never wrestle to entertain someone. That adds more difficulty in organizing.

I try to convince women, especially models, doctors, and architects who are a bit open to hearing. Although there are a lot of women who are just competitive from within, you need to woo most of them. Giving prize money adds more fuel to the fire. But trust me, if you see the Indian female wrestling matches, everything appears to be thrash.

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