Australian women wrestling

The strong Australian women wrestling it out : Part 1

After successfully arranging the first contest, I got the necessary confidence. The lockdown in India was down by the middle of 2021 and all the flights were operational. When the flights became operational, I could contain myself no longer and finally booked a ticket to Australia. Australia has been very close to my heart since it was the place where my mother was born. I had spent three years of my childhood there, after which we shifted to the United States. The concept of “Australian women wrestling” was not new. But approaching women for the same was a task.

I landed in Canberra in March. It was spring season in that country. The people of Australia are known for being open-minded and bold. I thought it would be easier to convince them for a match as compared to India.

The next day of my flight, I was walking by the beach where the bikini-clad women were lying flat and enjoying the sunshine. I was thinking of approaching them when I saw a brawl nearby. A man of approximately 35 years was beating up another man of approximately 25 years. The reason was the younger man had accidentally stepped into his woman.

Then I noticed that almost every woman in a bikini had a husband/boyfriend who was looking at them from far off. It was not a smart idea to approach the women in front of them.

My hotel was within five minutes of walking distance from the beach. As I began to walk towards the hotel, I saw few Australian women talking in the street. I guess they were checking out the guys and laughing amongst themselves. What I understood from their body language was, they weren’t saying anything nice.

Therefore ,I decided to ignore them and went inside the hotel. As I was about to enter the hotel, a girl (from that group) of approximately 26 years came to me and said,” Hey! Where are you from?” I replied,” From the United States, but currently living in India”. She said,” Oh great, I’m Steffi, nice to meet you, want to hang out with us tonight?”

I replied,” Nicolas here, nice to meet you too, sure would love to”

We decided that we would meet up at 11 pm and they would come to pick me up. As planned, Steffi came up with her friends and we were heading towards a bar. Steffi was the life of the party, and hence, she had numerous friends. She introduced me to her friends and they were extremely welcoming.

Australian women wrestling
Steffi and I were talking in the bar

It was the Australian Grand party. I had heard about” Live life King size” but I was witnessing it for the first time. People were dancing on each other’s lap and kissing anyone randomly. It was a good way of getting close and making bonds. I was sitting in one corner and observing everything. The only people who weren’t drunk were me and Steffi.

Steffi came to me and said,” Do you drink?”

Me: No I don’t, thanks

Steffi: Why don’t you drink?

Me: I like to be present in the moment ,also I don’t like to lose consciousness. I see you don’t drink too.

Steffi: Yes, I like to observe people when they are drunk, alcoholics never lie

Me: that’s true, what do you do for a living?

Steffi: I’m a psychologist, I also get some money as a commission when you get yourself a drink

Me: Well let me have a drink then

Steffi: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah of course

Steffi: I owe you something, let me know if you need any help

I smiled and ordered a drink. I took a glass of beer followed by another.

Steffi came close towards me and asked me, ”Do you like any girl from this party?”

My inner self shouted,” Every girl ”.I however   controlled my thoughts and lied,” I already have a girlfriend”

Steffi: Oh, so you are booked

There was some silence for a split second. After which she continued, ”Let me know if you need any help in this country”

I nodded my head in agreement and desperately wanted to ask, ”Can you give me the contacts of two women who want to wrestle?(I wanted to see two Australian women wrestling)” But I thought it won’t be a smart idea, as she won’t be prepared for it and bombard me with a lot of questions. Above all, she can even break the newly formed friendship. I decided not to say that to her at that moment. However, we exchanged numbers.

I reached my hotel at about 3 am. The next morning when I woke up, I looked outside. Unlike the previous day, Steffi and her group weren’t there. I called her up and said,” I want to take a stroll down the beach, care to accompany me?”.She instantly agreed.

A few moments later….

We were walking by the beach, enjoying the sunshine.

Me: You have a boy-friend?

Steffi: Why would you ask me that?

Me: It’s ok if you don’t want to answer

Steffi: Actually no, did you start liking me? (she laughs)

I smiled and continued

Me: I have to agree the women here are really attractive

She: Cannot agree more, men too are attractive here

Me: If men are so attractive here, why did u not get yourself one?

She: I don’t believe in this relationship and all

Me: So did I a few years back, you never start believing in it unless you witness it by yourself

She: Or maybe you understand the reality of these things after being in it.

Me: Seems like you never had a peaceful relationship

She: Let’s change the topic

I nodded my head in agreement.

She: What do you do for a living?

Me: I am a software engineer by profession. Also, I have a business to handle.

She: For how long have you been in this relationship

Me: I am not in a relationship

She: But yesterday…?

Me: I knew you would make me dance with someone in the bar, and I wouldn’t be comfortable with it, so I decided to hide the truth

She: Got saved, yesterday mate.

Me: But why don’t you have any boyfriend? You are damn attractive

She: I had about two months back, we were in a relationship for 5 years. Things were becoming toxic, therefore had to leave him

Me: That’s sad

She: Were you in a relationship ever?

Me: Yeah, 2-3 times

She: Why are you single now?

Me: I find peace in it.

She: If a girl likes you, what would your reaction be?

Me: Depends on the girl

Both of us started laughing. After that she said

She: If you like any girl here in Australia, let me know

Me: You can convince anyone here in this place?

She: Do you doubt that?

I took this chance and said

Me: Can you arrange something for me? But promise me it will remain between the two of us

She: Of course, already I owe you something after you got drunk yesterday

I was afraid to ask her, however, I took the punt and replied:

Me: can you find two women who will be willing to wrestle?

She was silent for a moment. But why would you want two ladies to wrestle?

Me: Just to see your convincing power(I lied again)

She instantly agreed

She: Do you have some dollars? Like 10 dollars would do

Me: Sure

I never thought that 10 dollars would be sufficient enough to witness two Australian women wrestling. Suddenly she went towards two women on the beach and whispered something in their ears. The two women had asked her a few questions after which they instantly agreed. Steffi asked me to take out the 10-dollar note. She brought the two women near me and said,” The one who pushes the other woman out of this circle(she drew it with a stick on the sand) will get this 10 dollars.

Two bikini-clad women stood near me. They were heavily built. I was really excited to see two Australian women wrestling. I was a bit worried about their boyfriends honestly, but Steffi said,” They are single(I didn’t know how she knew that)”.The two women sat like sumo wrestlers and now the women on the beach were looking at us. One woman was in a pink bikini while the other was in blue. As soon as Steffi said, “Go”. Both the women rushed towards each other and caught each other in a bear hug. They were trying to push each other out of the circular arena, but could not due to their equal body weight.

Suddenly the woman in  blue bikini tried to lift the other one due to which both fell into the sand. They still caught each other in hugs. Grunting heavily both started rolling into the sand. Suddenly the woman in blue bikini sat on the top of the woman in pink bikini and locked her hands.

The women in blue bikini had won.

The women on the beach were amazed by the sight and asked us what was happening. After that ,Steffi and I  told them that the woman who out wrestles the other would win 10 dollars. Hearing this a lot of women wanted to participate.

We decided that we will have a rumble on the beach. The woman who pushes all the women out of the circular arena would emerge as the winner and get 100 dollars. We got almost 25 women who were willing to participate .Above all, I was surprised to find out that there were so many Australian women who were willing to wrestle.

Hence ,we made the circle bigger and now all the women were standing, ready to push each other out of the circle.

To be continued….

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