Australian women wrestling

The strong Australian women wrestling it out : Part 2

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As soon as Steffi barked,” Go”, the women pounced on each other. It was quite hilarious considering some women even forgot what the contest was. They were supposed to push each other out of the arena. Some women hugged their opponents and were trying to sit on the top. I was surprised to see that the women were enjoying themselves. Amidst the pandemonium, I could hear an argument. I looked at the edge of the circular arena and saw two women arguing about who had pushed the other first. As soon as they saw me, they complained” She was out, I won”. After this, I asked them to come to the center and begin again.

They came into the center and this time one of them just lifted the other and threw her out of the arena. Her opponent was furious and decided to intervene in all the matches that she has. The contest started with 25 women, slowly it became 20, now it was 10. Everyone was exhausted, but I never know that Australian women could be this competitive. The heat was on but no one was willing to leave an inch.

Australian women wrestling

There was one lady who was dominating. She had already pushed five of her opponents outside the arena. When the remaining girls figured out that they couldn’t take her out single-handedly, they decided to form a group. The lady found her against nine women. After about five minutes of intense struggle, the strongest lady was thrown out.

The lady was so physically strong that she took four others with her outside the circular arena. Now it was the turn for the remaining five to wrestle. The Australian women began their test of strength. Except for one, every other lady caught each other in finger locks. Their heads collided against one another. Within the blink of an eye, one lady pushed the other out of the ring. The lady who was free now engaged with the one who pushed her opponent. It was looking like a royal rumble.

There were four wrestlers in the arena now. Each of them was covered with sweat and sand. The women who did not participate in the match were cheering for them thoroughly. The women who were wrestling were applauded by their boyfriends/husbands. The matches were becoming more intense as the number of women were decreasing.

 Soon it was time for the final match. We decided to take a break for 10 minutes. The women went towards their boyfriends/husbands to drink some water. When the break was over, the two women stood face to face waiting to pounce on the other. I was liking the aggression from the ladies. Never for a moment did it look like they were awkward. They genuinely wanted to wrestle and enjoy the heat.

The two finalists stood in front of each other. Although they were smiling everyone could feel the tension. We rearranged the circular arena, which was distorted owing to the constant struggle of the wrestlers. Steffi and I asked them to get closer and now everyone was ready for the final battle. In one corner there was a lady with a red bikini while in the other corner, there was a lady with black bikini. As soon as Steffi said, ”Go”, both the women ran towards each other and caught each other in a bear hug. Both wanted to pick each other up, but they did not have the energy to do so. Slowly their heads collided followed by their chest. The test of strength intensified. The husbands started cheering. The woman in red bikini had wrapped her arms around the neck of the woman in black bikini.

Suddenly the woman in black bikini, escaped the hold and caught the woman in red bikini from behind. It was looking like a back hug. The woman in red was trying hard to let go the hold while the woman in black was trying to hold her with all her strength. Both of them lost their balance and fell into the sand. The woman in black bikini was still holding her opponent from the back. She managed to get up and started dragging the woman in red bikini. The woman in red bikini tried to resist as much as possible. She caught the legs of the woman in black bikini, resulting in a lock position.

Both the women were sweating profusely, but neither of them wanted to give up. Suddenly the woman in black bikini started shaking her legs so that she can let go of the hold. But the woman in red bikini had caught her legs so strongly that she was not able to move.

The woman in black bikini wrapped her legs around the belly of the woman in red bikini and started rolling. Very soon the woman in black bikini was in the mount position. Now she grabbed hold of her opponent’s belly from behind and almost took her near the end of the circular arena.

The crowd went berserk. Everyone was in awe of the fighting spirit of the women. The woman in red bikini was at the end of the arena. She tried to get up and start the wrestling contest by being in the standing position. The woman in black bikini, however, did not afford that, by applying the last ounce of her strength she dragged her opponent out of the circular arena.

Everyone felt for the woman in red bikini, her boyfriend went towards her to pick her up. The woman in black bikini started jumping and quickly jumped onto her husband’s lap. Steffi brought the two women to the center and declared the woman in black bikini the winner. Both the wrestlers hugged each other. I gave 100 dollars to the winner as promised. Finally I could witness the Australian women wrestling event.

The Australian women wrestling tournament finally came to an end. After witnessing the thrilling match between two Australian women, I and Steffi resumed our stroll. Steffi said,” See I told you, I can do anything”. I nodded my head and said,” Cannot agree more”

And here is a secret, after that incident, I was really falling for Steffi. I wish I could be with her forever. But then I did not let her understand my feelings. After two ways, it was time for me to return to my place. I didn’t even say her that I was leaving. While I am writing this story, let me tell you, I still miss her. I know she must have forgotten me by now as she has numerous friends to roam around with, but she is a woman whom I will remember forever. She could literally do “anything”

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