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The big Gujrati women wrestling it out – Part 2

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Chetna and Sheetal were standing in front of each other. Their sarees tied around their waist. This was the first time I was going to witness two Gujrati women wrestling. Looking at each other angrily, the two Gujrati women began their test of strength. Locking their fingers, they tried to push each other out of the circular arena. Both were equally strong. When neither of them were able to move their opponent ,they started pushing each other using their foreheads.

Chetna in orange and Sheetal in white

Their foreheads were becoming red due to the impact. Neither of them were ready to leave an inch. Suddenly Chetna wrapped her hands around Sheetal’s neck and pushed Sheetal to the ground. Sheetal replicated the move and now both the women had wrapped their hands around their opponent’s neck. Both the women stayed in this position for a minute or so. It was five minutes into the match and both the women were already breathing heavily.

Sheetal took an initiative and grabbed Chetna by one leg. Chetna started losing her balance and she continued to grab the nape of Sheetal. Both the women were in this position for about five seconds after which Sheetal dragged Chetna out of the circular boundary.

Both of them were sweating profusely. Suddenly Sheetal says,” Give up Chetna, you already lost a round ,you look tired”. Chetna says “I am not tired at all ,you look tired though”. Sheetal smiled and both the women came into the center.

As soon as I blew off the whistle, both the women locked their fingers again. This time the test of strength was more ferocious. Both the Gujarati women started pushing each other using their chest and forehead while locking their fingers.

Chetna desperately wanted to take her revenge. She pushed Sheetal to a considerable extent bringing her close to the end of the arena. Sheetal was trying hard not to get outside the ring. Suddenly Chetna caught Sheetal in a bearhug, she picked her up and took her outside the arena.

The contest was 1-1 now. Both the women were desperate for a win now. Both of them entered the arena for the last and final round. As soon as I blew off the whistle, this time both of them caught each other in a bear hug. This contest continued for quite some time. Both were grunting and breathing heavily. Suddenly Chetna pushed Sheetal with her hands due to which both of them got separated.

Chetna and Sheetal locked the fingers of one hand and caught hold of each other’s nape from the other hand. Their foreheads were rubbing against each other. Both of them changed stances and now they held each other’s nape with both hands. They tried to pull the other to the ground holding each other’s nape. I was in awe of their strength. When neither of them could move her opponent from her place, slowly they say down holding each others nape.

Gujarati women wrestling

They were breathing hard and had no energy to move. Both of them lay flat on the ground.

The winner could not be decided as both of them had won one round . I took them into my room as both of them did not even have an ounce of energy with them. I had anticipated a tough match, but this was something beyond my level of imagination.

Why did the Gujrati women wrestle ?

Honestly, till date even I don’t know why they wrestled. I don’t even know whether they had a history. It’s true that I had challenged Chetna, but never have I imagined that she would actually take it seriously. Not only did she bring another woman with her, but also wrestled with her till both of them were exhausted. I don’t even how she convinced Sheetal to wrestle with her.

Now you must be thinking that why didn’t ask the above questions to Sheetal or Chetna. Simple, its because I thought it would make them awkward. I got what I wanted and I didn’t have the slightest curiosity to know how it happened. Most importantly it had happened and I was happy with that.

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